On the road…

I decided to leave the Balloon Fiesta while the balloons were just starting to come up. Thinking it would be best to head to Sandia casino to wait checkin time at RV park and beat the traffic – was a good decision, but in hindsight – a waste of time, that is going to Sandia Casino.  While at Sandia, I took this one last picture of the balloons:

balloons traveled counter-clockwise in the air. Odd.

I left Sandia after a couple of hours, headed for the RV park – road construction left me circling and lost then I tripped across the road and discovered folks did not have to check out until Noon. No place to park – I canceled my reservations and headed north.  I dumped at San Felipe Casino – thankfully!  And kept heading north on I-25.  Traffic was heavy all the way to Santa Fe, then it disappeared north of Santa Fe. Glad I made this choice, but bummed I wouldn’t see my friend Karen one more time before I left.

About the time I approached Las Vegas, NM – phone rang and it was John & Linda telling me of the windy forecast and that they decided to head on home and not stop in Springer.  I really hadn’t given it much thought to stop in Springer, but appreciated the news on the weather, since I had not checked it before I left the Albuquerque like I would normally when on the road.  So found a rest stop, pulled over to study maps/miles and weather.  Forecast was indeed for rain & windy – 30 mph with gusts up to 45-50 was enough for me to keep moving and not even consider stopping at Springer. Plus forecasted temps for Springer were in the 20’s for Monday morning.  But Springer is where I left the interstate. Hopped on Highway 56 and headed East.  I could see rain all around me, but not where I was driving, and I had a wonderful tail wind.   About 12 miles from Clayton, NM where I was debating stopping at or to keep going – I hit rain. Gentle nuisance rain that barely keeps the wipers busy but messes the view out the window. Then pea soup fog and that is when I stopped in Clayton. Found an old rundown KOA – had all the amenities and I was the 4th rig in the place.  
Clayton is on the Santa Fe trail and at the confluence of 4 different highways.  Small but active small western town.  As I told my friend – all mow their lawns – so they care about their town.  Nice.
Not 20 minutes after I got propane, hooked up electricity and filled my water tank – BOOM! Thunderstorm hit with a vengeance – winds knocked my rigs into a constant rolling motion, the cats scrambled, then hid and the rain came down in buckets… Wow!  I lucked out.  The sound of rain on my roof lulled me right to sleep, forget supper.  Woke up to silence. Looked out the window, it was dark with lightning.  No more rain for awhile. Finally turned in…  Wonderful night of sleep.
Today, the winds have howled, trees bending with wind of 30-35 and gusts up to 50. Lost part of my laundry to the wind. Managed to get it back and washed it again. No rain since early morning. Sunny too.  So I’m working on this blog, will fix dinner and prep to store, as I’m heading back on the road in the morning.  Weather has forecasted snow/sleet for here on Wednesday. No thank you… I’m heading east.

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