Character balloons!

I was awaken by a message that the balloons were to fly this morning. And fly they did. Lots of characters galore.  Such as dragons, bees, cartoon characters, cow for a creamery, Wells Fargo wagon, smiling sunflower, alarm clock, lady bug, etc., etc., etc.  Then one of my favorite balloons – Noah’s Ark flew over too high to see are the critters, but believe I have a picture of it from last years fiesta.  Just a delightful morning.

Cute dragon!

Lady bug landed in parking next to us

Spotted the boot flying!

Noah’s Ark top center.

Then a balloon landed directly behind my rig.  No character balloon but size is still impressive!

Just landed

Shown in full view

Coming down…

And down…

And down


Packed away in minutes from landing.

And the rest of the day… washing and waxing my rig, doing chores, having breakfast with friends – in no particular order. Then discovered its Friday of all days.  That means, I should prep my rig for moving on down the road today, so I can play tomorrow, then leave Sunday morning.  Time will tell if I will accomplish that.  But will say,  distractions have been fun…

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