The balloons and such

The temperatures dropped, the winds blew dust everywhere on Friday and then the balloons took to the air the next day, as most of the Lazy Dazers gathered in parkas, knit hats, gloves, winter boots to watch the show.  You could tell the Alaskans (Kristin & I) from the rest. Laughing here.

Surprising to me, the balloons did not go far. Good many dropped right before one crosses Alameda Blvd to the RV park.  One did land right next to our group. Not many flew that first day and this may have been why – just a little too much wind still.

Potluck on cool, windy day

And then it was empty

And then comes Sunday… today… and it looks like 500 plus balloons filled the air.  The thermals are not quite right yet (go out and come back higher overhead), but it sure was neat seeing all that flew.

They aren’t too high in the sky here.
They landed just out of our reach

Just pretty!

Octopus, dead center

Wells Fargo Wagon

Hummingbird balloon

All that have already passed overhead

Darth Vader – HUGE balloon

Fire Hydrant traveled next to Fireman, which had the Twin Towers on its hat

Fire Hydrant, normal balloon, Scuba Diver, Fireman (with symbol of Twin Towers, flag on hat)

The scuba diver had landed just before this picture. The fire hydrant, the normal balloon and the fireman collided moments after I took this picture. They all came down quickly, knocking over the scuba diver as they came as one.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, nor damage to the balloons.

The black balloon is MIA/POW – center top

Surprise for all of us on the ground when we learned that Marti (a Lazy Daze owner) and her sister were in the MIA/POW balloon.  They were up so high, we could not see them wave, but I’m pretty darn sure they could see all of us waving. Neat that they got the opportunity.  Several folks have volunteered to be helpers, chasers, what-have-you’s for the balloonist. Each will have a story to tell.

I took far more photos of this last year, so If you want to see more, go to October 2012 pages to see all the photos I did last year.

Sure are a lot of Lazy Daze folks here.  There’s a strong showing from Washington State and from Colorado, then there’s folks from Massachusetts, South Carolina, Texas, California, Alaska, and I may be missing a few – forgot, a gentleman from Albuquerque dropped by the other evening, he owns a Lazy Daze, but didn’t bring it.  Everyone is having a great time…  including myself.

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