A second post for the day…

Having arrived at Sandia Casino, parked and got surprisingly level. I set about doing some minor chores, opened up windows, got a bite to eat. Norm and Tucker found a place to curl up to snooze. So I went to my loom to work on “dressing” my loom. When lo and behold a horn blared and rap rap rap at the door Melinda, Melinda are you in there?  Cookie is standing there pleased as punch, telling me the gang is arriving shortly.  I was not expecting anyone until tomorrow and said as much.  Well that was another story they had to share, as they didn’t know they were coming in today either.

So quickly, the parking lot filled up with Lazy Daze RVs. Frank and Cookie, John and Linda, Jimbo, Roger, and Ed and Carol and friends of John and Linda.  Said my hellos with everyone, then excused myself to go back to work. In no time at all, Linda calls – its pre-dinner time! Not necessarily happy hour, but close to it.  These folks have been in party mode for a week and I’m downright rusty, having not done this for a year. Couldn’t even think of what I needed and ended up making several trips back and forth. Eventually, I just moved my rig over to their area to save lots of steps.  Its quieter too. The Class A’s like to run their generators and water heaters seemingly non-stop.  Quite noisy.

Afterwards, they all dispersed and went back to their rigs.  I gave Roger a couple of things for Boots, his cat. Time will tell if Boots will do anything with either.  Then I went to Jim’s rig to finally meet Chica – a wee tiny dog. Cute as a button and soft as rabbits fur. She likes my lap.  Chatted with Jim awhile to catch up on things, then headed back to my rig.

No lights, no dressing of loom. Dang, I really wanted this done before the balloon fiesta started.  I will do my level best to work on it in the morning… Lots of distractions now tho.  But it sure is fun to see everyone and catch up with all the happenings. Several went to Canada this summer. Some did camp hosting, others moved from one state to another, still others I haven’t heard from yet.  So have heard there are 37 rigs coming, down from 40. Wow!

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