And beyond…

After posting all those photos yesterday, I realize I missed informing you of where else we’ve been… or even where we are now.

After Moab, where we spent two nights… we ventured down to southwestern Colorado to Mesa Verde National Park. We camped in the National Park campground with no hookups for 2 nights. Wished it had been more level, but was perfectly happy to be snuggled in the trees for some shade. Whoa is me, who has never had issue with elevation, to be knocked flat at 7000 ft above sea level. Whew!  It really was a bummer, as this is one place I really wanted to see.  Think I will have to come back for a week to acclimate to this elevation and then try hiking to the cliff dwellings.  As it was.. Kathy went to the Spruce House – a non-guided tour and I did the museum.  The museum was awesome, one of the best I’ve been in for awhile.

One item that intrigued the heck out of me. Yucca leaves. All these years, I never realized that Yucca leaves are loaded with fiber.  They wove all kinds of things with the fiber from yucca plants, such as their sandals, baskets, clothing, etc.  To access the fiber, these cliff dwellers either boiled or soaked the leaves, then peeled off the outer covering to expose hundreds of strands of yucca fiber – similar in size to 16/2 cotton or little bigger than thread. Everything in this museum was enchanting look into the lives of those that lived before us. Just a wonderful place.

From Mesa Verde, we headed to Durango to meet up with Carol & Mike – long time family friends of mine. Last year, they spent 3-4 days with me at the Balloon Festival.  A bit of a mix up on getting together (they thought we’d be in this weekend), but it all worked out and got to wish Mike a happy birthday. We went to lunch at Oscar’s – local joint – for lunch. Old time foods and delicious!!!  After lunch, we did a side trip up to see their home above Durango.  They tell me they have full hookups and I’m welcome anytime… well the climb to their house is close to a 11-12% grade on gravel.  Will have to think hard on that one, but they have a beautiful place.

Durango is not a RV friendly place and no place to park, even getting gas is tough – not much room to maneuver.  While visiting with Carol & Mike – we parked in cramped Walmart parking.  So we decided to head on out about 2 or so.  We could have made the trip to Albuquerque in one day if we had bypassed Durango, but we have plenty of time to not do that. So we went about 2 1/2 hours down the road to a new truck stop out in the middle of nowhere. Nice place!  They offered hookups for $25 but let me tell you, don’t bother. The electrical posts are too close together for one, but the big reason – you would be smack dab in the pathway of all those trucks.  We parked behind where the employees parked. It was level, a little highway noise, but it wasn’t bad.

We came on into Bernalillo, just north of Albuquerque, yesterday. Headed for the KOA – as I desperately needed to do laundry.  We had electric and water only, nice park for KOA’s. I’m usually not impressed with KOA’s due to high price, but this is quite doable.  Now Kathy is liking this civilization and decided to stay there until Monday.  Whereas, I checked out after I dumped and refilled my water this morning. I’m presently parked free at Sandia Casino and will be here until Monday when I head into the balloon festival.  Other Lazy Daze will probably arrive tomorrow, right now tho – I’m the only one amongst all these class A’s and a couple of trailers.

Tomorrow, I have a luncheon/dinner thing at artist, Dee Sanchez home. My friend Karen invited me to join her.  So am excited that I get to do this. Something different…

As I was heading into Sandia this morning – saw a red and white Lazy Daze head north on I-25. Safe travels to you.

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