Canyons, arches, fins

The night we spent at truck stop in Green River, as I wrote in my last post – we had magnificent thunderstorms that rumbled across the sky with bolts of lightning dancing to their own static rhythm. Entertainment that was neat to watch and soothed me, but terrified my Norm.  Norm got into the smallest curled up form he could muster to snuggled against me, to escape the ruckus happening outside. He calmed down when I lifted the blankets and dived into the deepest throes he could find.  It was too hot for me to sleep – 70’s is too hot. It did finally cool down and I did sleep, only to be awakened by more storms moving thru.  We decided to wait for an opening between the storms to head on into Moab.

Our drive into Moab, was seemingly an ok thing – as the storms were going around us, nothing was overhead and no rain at all. Them BOOM!  Big bolt of lightning just off to our right and a crack of thunder to behold one’s attention like no other and in a space of seconds pouring out in a space between canyon walls was…. hail. Huge hail.  Oh my god… I thought it was going to break thru the windows… and the force of the wind too almost brought me to a halt on the highway. But the hail covered the road, the landscape with tons of white. Could not see thru this… and thru this amazing drama I had two terrified cats… is there a better word to describe this??? … they were beyond terrified and I could not ease their fears.  I hope no other goes thru this… it seems like eons before they could or would calm down. Both were extremely sensitive the rest of the day.  Of course, the storms rolled thru all day. We never made it to Arches National Park, tho we did go see the visitor center.

One storm that rolled thru, in late afternoon.  Found a river running under my rig… a little flash flooding thru the RV park, but nothing like what we saw elsewhere thru town. The flash floods closed the Delicate Arch section of Arches NP and it was still closed today.

Today, we did 2, that’s two, national parks…. we did Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Now its yesterday, as I could not upload the photos… so am waiting to load 1/2 of the images and will hope to load the others later. Or when I get lucky.  Not lucky at all… so will post without – sorry.

One of many highlights of the day tho, was seeing Paul & Kay in the middle of Arches National Park in their blue Lazy Daze.  Will see them at the Balloon Fiesta soon.

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