Green River..

We left Great Basin National Park after 2 nights at Whispering Elms RV park, a nondescript place in Baker, Nevada.  The whole town might be a block long… but that is exaggerating, I think. Nonetheless, we had some shade…  It was too warm for me to hike, so Kathy went by herself. Where did she go? Up a 10,000 foot mountain to reach the trail head to the Bristlecones.  Still haven’t seen the pictures, but hoping tonight she will finish and get them posted on her blog Wanderlautz.

Kathy was in need of a CB handle or a whole new set. Tried all kinds of places across Nevada to find one without success.  Pulled into a Flying J truck stop on I-15/Highway 50 and after discussion with some locals decided to get a new one and found someone to install it in Scipio, Utah on a Saturday afternoon. This is awesome that we can now talk to each other.  Put it to good work when I spotted some elk and I could just snatch up the CB and call her.  It also came in good use as we ventured into the canyon lands, buttes and mesas.

WOW!!!!  Was all I could say as we traveled east on I-70/Highway 50. The geological formations that the force of nature has carved out is downright stunning.  Wish I could have taken numerous pictures, as each turn, each steep grade up or down brought phenomenal eye-popping beauty.  One particular gorge/mountain – my rig was complaining majorly about the climb as I was going up it in 3rd gear and I suspect I should have popped it into 2nd gear to get up it without complaint from the engine, but didn’t think about it until we started down it. And down, and down and around, and down and down we went – miles upon miles upon miles of 6% grade downward. Yikes!  But the beauty that was before us, around us was breathtakingly beautiful. Wow!

That gorge/mountain tuckered both of us out, I think.  A rest stop gave us a breather but no camping at that rest stop. So we went further down the road…  Instead of pushing on to Moab, we stopped in Green River at a truck stop for the night.  A good day of travel, trying to stay ahead of a cold front coming into the area.

We plan to target Arches National Park tomorrow, then Canyonlands the next and who knows what else we will find.     So no photos for this post, but we will see what I can do about it tomorrow.

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