Hello Oregon!

Creative bottle tree – Coho SKP

My trip south from Chimacum was a delightful one to take.  Instead of going around to the coastal 101 – thru Forks and downward – I went straight down 101 to Olympia, that cut off 150-200+ miles. It followed right along the inlet for miles. Blue, blue waters. Fishing boats idling in spot to shore birds diving, disappearing and re-surfacing and I was trying to concentrate on driving…but found myself constantly looking out over the waters. And the neat thing – no one else was out on the road that morning… I did not bother to take photos…I just enjoyed the ride.  I wanted to get thru Portland before I stopped for the day… did that. I really had no target on where to stop for the night but found the roads exceptionally good after Portland and I just kept going. Traffic had lessened considerably as well. So found myself pulling in at 6p at Sutherlin to the Timber Valley SKP park. Not smart, but I wasn’t tired until the heat slammed into me when I got gas and again when I had to get out to register.  Office was of course closed. They had 6 envelopes – 3 for boondocking and 3 for full hookups. My first impression – fogged by the 97ºF temps & exhaustion – was not too good.  I parked in boon docking ($5.00/night) and the heat just flattened me and the boys.

Woke up in the wee hours of the morning – cold. Yes COLD!!!!  Could not believe it. Temps had dropped a good 40º from when I arrived.  Up and definitely awake… now what to do… figured I’d better have a good plan on where I would stay between now and the 15th.  After much plotting and planning, I looked out my windows in the early morning to find wild turkeys hanging around us.

Wild turkeys – Timber Valley SKP

Well, that did it. We would stay.  Tucker and Norm had never seen turkeys before… not quite sure what to make of them either.  So intently were they watching them, I knew I had instant entertainment. 

So went and paid for hookups.  I hate my a/c on my rig, so yesterday, I just used my own technique for staying cool and keeping the rig cool – until about 4 ish. Then waited for the sun to go down, turned on exhaust fan to take the remainder heat away, turned it off when I went to bed – delightful cool night of sleep.  Besides wild turkeys, they have an abundant of deer. My boys had never seen deer up close and personal either.  A little deer very cautiously approached my door, where both boys were sitting alert but not alarmed – the little deer’s nose touched the screen and Tucker leaned forward to sniff – both sniffed for a bit, then Norm reached out a paw to touch and the deer sniffed his paw. At the moment, I must have made a sound – perhaps I inhaled, who knows… but the little deer ran. That magical moment was lost in time. But wow…
So will leave here early Sunday morning. Heading to Fort Klamath (17 miles south of Crater Lake NP) to meet two Lazy Daze friends. We will do the sightseeing of this area before heading out once again. And the adventure continues…

5 thoughts on “Hello Oregon!

  1. Hi Melinda,
    I am such a chicken! I really wanted to meet you and had intended to visit you in Chimmacum after an appointment in Pt. Townsend a week ago Thursday. I bought a 23.5 TK a couple of months ago and have my house in Sequim on the market. Would have loved to meet a fellow lady LD owner…..but chickened out. I am not a weaver, sold my Loomcraft loom last year after dragging it around with me for 20 years. Some day I might get me a table top loom. Instead I am a knitter, and right now the two couches in Ladybug are piled high with all my “not-quite-finished” projects, which I will tackle first as soon as I am on the road. So happy travels and I hope I will meet you at some point in the future!


  2. Lise – congrats on buying your Lazy Daze and welcome to the family! Next time, shed the chicken and come say Hello. I was in Sequim the day before I left – had to stop at Petco for cat food, etc. My nieces got Lavender Mocha's – now those are different! Nonetheless, I would loved to have met you. There are quite a few of us ladies out in our Lazy Daze's traveling. But so far, I'm the only weaver. I'm meeting two more ladies on Sunday. Met another right before I left Chimacum. So the next time you see a Lazy Daze – no matter who it is – go say Hello! Great group of people. You may contact me privately via wovenjourney at gmail dot com My house is still on the market too…tough to sell. Keep in touch.


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