Off we go..

Today, we head south to the heated regions… surprised to see that its in the high 90’s in middle Oregon, as in 99ºF.  Apparently, if forecasts are correct, will miss their up and coming major drop in temperatures by 2 days, as I will be heading to Crater Lake over the weekend.  Here’s hoping the drop happens sooner and follows us eastward..  Crater Lake appears to be just a tad cooler in the mid-80’s.

Have had a grand time here at the Escapees Coho SKP park in Chimacum, Washington. Was so very much surprised that many remembered me from last Fall, so it was like catching up with friends and making new friends. Most enjoyable week. And the cherry-on-top of the week was spending time with my nieces – Avery & Jenny.  Life has been good.

One sighting of a blue Lazy Daze yesterday in Sequim. It actually looks like the one that I saw leaving Haines on ferry, and then in Ketchikan – same rig but no clue to the people in it as they are never home when I spot the rig. Safe travels to you.

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