Pots and pans…

Due to a quest by a wannabe Lazy Daze owner, I went digging to find something similar to my nesting pots and pans that are no longer made.   This find makes me excited as it has all my features plus an extra dutch oven pot. Worth checking out by all:  http://www.galleyware.com/stainless-steel-cookware-set-nesting/

I looked at Amazon options for nesting pots and pans – nothing compares to this or to my set. My set, I bought at least 2 years before I got a RV. Always thanking my lucky stars to have bought it when I saw it as there hadn’t been anything close to it since then.  A few of the features that are in my set that are not found in most nesting pots and pans I’ve seen since is the removable handles and the plastic lids. Now the set shown in the link has only one lid for each of the pots vs individual pot lids. This might be an issue, but not so sure I’d let it be an issue.

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