I’m here!

Here in Washington state that is.  The drive from Prince Rupert was uneventful, beautiful Fall like conditions and clear weather.  I took a different route out of Cache Creek then I normally have taken. No images of this, as I was too busy driving – but am delighted I took the path from Kamloops thru Merritt down to Hope. Its all high mountain driving, tons of 6% grades up and down and one particularly grueling combo of 6% and 8% grade just before Hope, that lasted forever – but folks this was a beautiful stretch of road, just beautiful. I’m not so sure I’d want to climb that 6% & 8%, as going downhill was no piece of cake – but we had more variations of levels than the northbound.   And it took no time to get thru customs, even with this guy asking where I was going and I kept saying “traveling in the lower 48”. Finally just raddled off Albuquerque – then he wanted to know how long I’d be there. I wasn’t winning… then he saw my license tags and he informs me, that they belong on a Toyota 4 Runner.  So they do keep track of these things… I wondered. So he now has those facts straight. Nonetheless, I spent less than 2 minutes in customs.

I got into Ft. Epey State Park, near Coupeville – and enjoyed a lazy rainy kickback kind of day – it was awesome to be able to truly relax, cuddle and play with the boys and basically do nothing and not be expected to do anything. A rare treat.

Front row view on ferry

Keeping watch due to foggy conditions

Arriving in Port Townsend

This morning, took ferry to Port Townsend, hit the Safeway store – really wanted some fruits, veggies and some yogurt.  Got fixed up, came out of the store – unloaded the groceries, got behind the wheel and I see this lady walking toward me with a grin on her face. Gosh, she looks familiar!!! My mind was running in overtime trying to figure this one out, when she stopped and gleefully runs to my door and says “remember me?”.  Well yes… sort of… then it dawned on me, she and her husband were at the NW Lazy Daze GTG last year. Connie was her name.  She’s the one that gave me the tip on how to store my olive oil.  Wow!  They live somewhere in Port Townsend, but I had forgotten that. Gosh it was great meeting up with her. Not enough time to chat more than a few minutes, but learned they got a newer Lazy Daze since I saw them.  She saw my rig and went into the store trying to find a familiar face, but decided to come back out and wait for me – when she found me ready to pull out. Luck, pure luck. Great seeing her again.

So I am now at the Escapees Coho SKP park in Chimacum. Will be here a week.  Decided to see if I could get internet without going into the club house and am excited to discover Millenicom is the answer at this park! Yippee!!!  Last year, the only way was to go into the club house. Not necessarily a bad way, as you get to meet all the friendly folks that are here – but I like the fact I can write this blog from my rig.  

One sad note of being out of touch and on the road – I lost a friend. Dolores was a weaving friend, but she was more than that. When my Mom had come up to visit – Dolores always invited us in – she & Mom were of similar age, so had lots to talk about. Always enjoyed their visits. Dolores and her husband Gene were original homesteaders in Anchorage off of O’Malley. There original home is now owned by Jeanette K, another weaving friend of mine, when Dolores and Gene built a new home about 12 years ago on another section of the homestead. Dolores knitted and felted beautiful hats, spun fibers, wove many things on her floor looms, but in the past few years, she is the driving force behind the Chemo Hat project. The guild & Dolores made hundreds of hats for those with cancer.  For years, I helped Dolores with the computer aspects of getting their Alaskan books (more like a library of) organized – what a great source for the history of the State. And then to learn, Dolores was one of the signers of Alaska Territory to become a State. Wow!  She and her husband Gene – were a class act of humanity, generous to a fault and always a joy to be around.  She was a stickler on rules and regulations of juried shows – learned alot from her.  Just so many, many things to remember her with. A gem of a person that I’m glad I had a chance to know.  Rest in peace Dolores.

2 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Planned???? Who said my trip is planned? Laughing here. But thanks for the welcome… as a few other folks recognized me when I pulled into the Escapees park. Its like old home week. Love the Escapees Club and there parks. Great people!


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