Good bye Alaska, for now…

The rain stopped and the bank of clouds quickly moved off to the delight of many, especially when the sun came out. Almost instantly, it was hot in the sun, but nice in the shade. Good grief!  Guess I’m going to get a sampling of warmer temps before I head South.  
Looking due South from Haines

Looking East from Haines

Well, the sun melted away, another bank of clouds moved in and now its considerably cooler. So started closing up windows once again.  The ocean is smooth as glass today.  Nary a ripple even with the passing of a fishing boat.

This is my last posting in Alaska for this summer. The next will be in Washington, probably after Labor Day weekend. I sure did not plan my travel week very well… completely forgot about Labor Day.  Let’s hope everyone is going the other way.  Be safe in your own travels.

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