Got fish…

Downright exciting to fill my freezer with fish.  I wasn’t sure I could make this work, since I would be without propane while on ferry for 2+ days, but the powers to be swear I can with the right setup.  So went shopping at the cannery today. The amazing aroma of fish being smoked floated on the air as we walked amongst the buildings. Fond memories of smoking our own salmon in years past teased my nostrils. Made me stop and inhale deeply. Just wonderful…

Now, I could have bought more and may have to go back… what I got today, just filled the lower section of my freezer. Its all flash frozen, vacuumed sealed by the cannery. I have king salmon, smoked red salmon, halibut, dungeness crab, and shrimp.  Was particular pleased to see how the salmon was packaged – its just the meat, no bones, no skins, no nothing but the meat… Same with the crab. So small packages.  This is extremely handy for this RVer.  I may go back and get some King Crab… Oh and I got cans of red salmon too.  All of this is this years catch. Can’t get any better than this and I thought the prices were quite reasonable, well I guess it could be better if I had gone fishing.  Anyway, I won’t starve this winter.

The other night, thought we would have a crab feast turned out to be a Shrimp Boil.  The crab season was closed prematurely this summer for lack of crab. Over fished again from what they said.  But fresh shrimp is to die for, so I had no problem enjoying this.  No pictures tho, as it just looked like another potluck…

And something else I learned, a little too late for this year,  but one to remember in the future. For the love of fishing, folks post on bulletin boards a phone number for you to call to get salmon – they go fishing for you. And you can also walk down to the pier with your own cooler and get fish too.  There are serious advantages of living in a fishing village. Of course, it helps to get to know folks too.

Well the boys have been informed that we are leaving on Thursday… the alert status is in full swing. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning and putting things away, as I will be playing with friends and eating out on Wednesday. Up early on Thursday to go say goodbye to other friends, then be at the ferry terminal by 9:32 am.  Hope it doesn’t rain the whole way on the ferry as it is one gorgeous trip!  But I also love it when the fog moves in.. listening to the fog horns is special.  Oh I am excited about heading out!

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