Oh hello..

Wondered where I’ve been hiding… wasn’t really hiding other than waiting for time to pass.  Spent a fair number of evenings watching the grizzlies feasting on salmon. Moms with cubs, mostly. No decent photos as it was too dark. My stay at the Salmon Run Campground – an awesome place to spend the summer! – came to an end yesterday.  I am back into town, in fact back to the same campground I was camp host earlier this summer. One does not burn bridges…

Today, I did loads of laundry, got my oil & filter changed on my engine and on my generator. Fluids checked and then had them switch out the questionable tire for the spare.   Glad I did that after studying the tire.  Besides the thumb size cut just below the tread, it shows cracking around the bottom of the tread. Very good decision to get that off my rig. The last thing I would need is a blow out on some remote Canadian road.  Besides all that… I have had this RV Hydro Flush gadget for awhile… finally decided to use it. Well… its not what I expected.  Will hold my opinion on that for the moment.

So… I’m ready… topped off the tank of gas, decided not to fill propane as it will be a whole lot cheaper in WA. Groceries bought and repackaged and stored.  And well… Ferry doesn’t leave until Thursday morning.  So what’s a girl to do… lots of goodies.

Tomorrow, I believe there is a crab – dungeness crab no less – feast right here at this RV campground. If it happens, I will get photos and post them here.

Rain is forecasted for the whole week – so I may weave! A luxury to me as I haven’t done this since before October 2011.  I got my samples done, documented and ready to mail off this next week for the Sample Exchange. Weaving the samples off the loom was an awesome time. Which prompted me to put on another warp with my Warping wheel – nice to discover its actually functional in the tight spaces.  So now need to tie on and if lucky, I will start weaving before I leave. Makes this girl happy.

2 thoughts on “Oh hello..

  1. Way to go Melinda. Looks like you're ready to roll. And, getting into the groove of weaving early will be good for you. I've been on the road for almost three months, and have yet to pick up a brush to paint. It will come soon, though; as my family visits will be over shortly. Looking forward to reading about your trip.


  2. Well, you may have to catch up, as my first year out – I did not pick up a piece of yarn, little lone my tapestry loom tucked behind my drivers seat… I was too busy learning the ropes. Now, its pure pleasure of road travel and seeing friends along the way. I'd be real surprised if you don't get stuck in New Mexico for awhile… we might have to pry the paint brush out of your hands and prod you along saying “there's more to see and do”. 😉


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