Plotting details…

Have spent quite a few hours/days trying to work out details to spend time with my niece, just north of Seattle. I canceled the NWLD GTG (Northwest Lazy Daze Get Together), as I thought she would have weekends off from work vs middle of the week.  When I didn’t hear from her and didn’t hear from her… I reached out to Lorna to join in the Ladeze once again. THEN and only then, did I finally hear from my niece to tell me she is off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Just shaking my head over this one.  
So driving in from Canada, I might make it to WA by the first Tuesday, but not to Chimacum. I suspect I will get to Whidbey Island then, then take the ferry the next day. Not doable to connect with my niece tho. So I have told her the 10th or the 11th – but I haven’t heard anything more from her yea or nay. At this point, I will be there, if she shows – great! – if she doesn’t… will just move on.  So no NWLDGTG or LaDeze this year! Believe it or not, seeing my niece is worth it – so hope it happens.
Speaking of Chimacum.  That is where the Escapees SKP park is. Stayed there last year when I drove out of Alaska. Its a great spot to stop.  And this time, it sounds like I have some breathing room coming out of Alaska and before the next lengthy stretch of road to get to the Balloon Fiesta. All is good.
Hot off the loom!  This is the raw product before sewing in lose ends, hemming, washing, hard pressing, etc for a finished project.  This could have been a decent kitchen towel, but its for samples. It will be cut up into four inch squares… then a detailed report on contents, structure, drafts and samples of yarns used. Then will be shipped off to be exchanged with others doing the sample exchange.
Sample project

So my next task, is to see if my warping wheel will work in this RV to dress the loom.  The space is limited, so need to put on a new project to see if it will work. If it doesn’t, then it goes into storage and I will have to find another method to make a warp.  I know from my short trips into town that my loom will travel better with a warp on.  So time is of an essence now… need to see if this will work.

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