Lousy connections here

Been trying to write to this blog for the last 3 days. Even had photos – but where has iPhoto hidden them? I can’t find them.

I thought I was done purging my rig of unnecessary items, yet I keep finding an odd notebook or a packet of photos or book covers to book binders that are empty to old weaving samples. Its like – where are these coming from?  So on Thursday, after a quick trip into town, a few errands – things flew out of this one cabinet once again. Pissed that its still not working – pulled everything out of it.  And in an aha moment of the day… found my battery charger for my camera that’s been missing since last summer. Yippee!!!

But seriously now… why can’t I get this cabinet to stay nice and neat?  The obvious answer – its too full. I discovered I have partial magazine holders full of miscellaneous stuff. Yanked them all out, dumped them and started anew.  Now mind you – I did a rendition of all this earlier this summer, but apparently I was not serious about doing it right then.  This time, I purged over 1/2 of the stuff in there. Found new homes for some of the office stuff, found homes for the excess magazine holders – gosh I had 13 of them in this cabinet. No more. I’m down to 5 now – 2 of which hold all my manuals for this rig. Also purged jigsaw puzzles – gave to the Salmon Run Campground for winter fun. And good grief, I unloaded 4 decks of cards… since I haven’t found anyone to play cards with out here on the road – its rather ridiculous to keep all those cards.  Now I have a whole bunch of extra space and to stop things shifting in my travels… I have put winter clothes up there.

One more trip to storage… this time I won’t say I’m done with storage… but it sure looking good here.

I had order new carpeted floor mats, the ones I had previously rubber ones were cut to shape and were crap.  The news ones surprised me. I expected two floor mats – one for drivers side and one for the passenger side. Well, it came as one piece. So I had to empty out the front – cleaned, vacuumed while it was so empty and put in my new mats – a perfect fit!  Not an exact match in color – but I love my new mats.

Let’s see… the board I swiped from friends that was a tad too long to go between my dinette benches and had been resting under the cushions, has now been trimmed of the excess and is sitting on the belly boards on the benches, below the bottom of the cushions.  My printer sits on top, with storage underneath. Truly a workable situation.

Other things I’ve been busy doing… to store some of the warm fleece throws I used this past winter. I have put one on the back sofa and another one is covering the dinette bench closest to the door – the bench where things disappeared below. Bedding is folded length wise and stored along the bed in the loft. And my olive oil container is nestled into a tin lid that’s filled with felted wool scraps and secured to the pipe behind the kitchen sink with velcro for travel purposes. I put up a hook for my hair dryer to hang and I finally figured out where to put my kleenex holder. All is done. Awesome!

And lastly – I have a few art pieces hanging in my rig. I can honestly say, it feels like home now.

Ok, I think I’m ready to go…  darn, the calendar says I still have 18 days before I can leave… guess I better get to weaving.

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