Updates of sorts

Try as I might.. change of plans is the name of the game, I guess.  I had originally planned to head out of Alaska and head to Oregon for a Lazy Daze gathering with the Northwest group.  Well… I’m not now.  I am still heading to the Seattle area to see my niece, but will bypass the Lazy Daze gathering to meet my friend KEL at Crater Lake.  Its not a super big deal on this change, as it gives me far more time to spend with my niece.  It is what it is… so will just go with the flow.
Mini fireweed
Fireweed is a beautiful weed up here, but its a harbinger to what’s coming and when, you also see this flower after a wildfire.  This particular plant has long since gone to seed and no longer has these beautiful flowers. But the tall version of fireweed is just going to seed.  There’s an old legend, that snow flies 6 weeks after fireweed goes to seed. Gads… glad I’m leaving when I’m leaving.  Nonetheless, we have had a hot week of temperatures for this area, then the rain and fog moved in yesterday… and its real interesting to hear the comments about the waning of summer conversations around here. The crisp Fall air tho, has not yet arrived.  Take a deep breathe…good.
Mother of all Christmas Cactus’

This was the biggest of two Christmas cactus plants I wintered over last year at the local nursery…ere.. let’s just say, this is what is left.  This was a huge plant last Fall, almost too heavy for me to carry – so big, the stalks/stems were not visible.  Its the Mother of all my Christmas Cactus – as this stalk you see here, is a branch off the main plant I carried home on my lap from Adak (back in those days this was possible).  Many babies have been born off this plant.  When I acquired this plant in Adak, the couple had had it for nearly 18 years.  I’ve had it for 20+ years.  I was just stunned when I picked up my plants up at the nursery in July… the other plant was destroyed.  I don’t know how this one will do, but I sent it to my friend in Palmer who has more of a green thumb then I.  If anyone can do it, my friend Connie can. Note the moose fishing from the boat – its a ceramic – that’s holding up the branch, a wee bit of humor on a sad pathetic plant. Gosh, it just made me sick to see the plant like this.   I wish I could take it with me on the road, but its way too big for my RV.  There ought to be a way to carry plants in the RV, I just haven’t found it. The best option, I would think, would be to mount on the wall. Of course, which wall…

Onward… of things to look forward to… a nice trip planned with a friend between Oregon to the New Mexico.  Then after the Balloon Fiesta and seeing all my friends there, I will spend time with a dear friend in Albuquerque, before heading up to Colorado to see sis-in-law and another niece. Then I will meander eastward for the winter.  No timeline, no definite plans. Have a ball park idea of where, but not when. And will hopefully end up next Spring in Nova Scotia or thereabouts and then might travel across the provinces back to the West coast.  I have informed only a few of the folks I could meet up with… I got friends in almost every State – some tho, I haven’t seen in decades.  I’ve always wanted to do this trip and there’s no better time then now.  Am really looking forward to this..

2 thoughts on “Updates of sorts

  1. Oh there is still an opportunity Sara, I will be at the Escapees park in Sutherlin, OR before I head to Crater Lake – this is September. Email privately for details.


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