August, already?

Where did July go?  Guess I’ve been a little too pre-occupied.

I’m happy to say this has been one very productive week. Have gotten the majority of the work needed to be done while I had access to cell and consistent internet. Will finish up today and head back out to my other campground for some beautiful peace and quiet on Saturday. Got a couple of play days here and the marine layer has come back so its much cooler. A hike might be in order.

One of the more exciting events this week, is plotting and planning the trip from Oregon to New Mexico, next month.  The gal I met last year, who also owns a Lazy Daze, is traveling with me. We have studied maps, details on roads, changed our minds numerous times and as of yesterday… I think we got one exciting trip drafted.  Now to get down to the nitty-gritty of it all – especially on all the possibilities of sights to see. There’s alot to pick from, you will just need to wait to see where we go, as I will share the journey.

And… well… I haven’t neglected my trip out of Alaska, I’m going to redo the path I took out last year, but from Prince Rupert, that is to follow the Fraser River. I’ve come a long ways since that trip last Fall, it will be awesome to see it in a different light this time.   As one of my Canadian friends said – there are two ways to do this and well, I have to go to the western side of the Cascades so I really only have one way.  Nonetheless… when I arrive by ferry into Prince Rupert, I still have about 900 miles until I get to Washington State.  These are beautiful roads, looking forward to it.

So I am officially done sorting, revamping, re-organizing my rig. It all fits, is secure and I still have room. I am delighted to have this done. My friends garage sale is Saturday – to sell my stuff and there’s. So here’s hoping to get some money off this too.  Its really freeing to get this done. I went to my storage unit yesterday, to pull out a ream of paper for my printer, and I just marveled at all the work that has been done this summer on that. But its done for the year or more.

This morning sighting… 3 ravens, 2 eagles, one porcupine, one Stellar Jay and all those little yap-pie dogs of fellow RVers’.. 😉  Gotta run, I got a hot date (mocha’s) with my friends.

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