Good morning…

Monday morning before the birds awaken, I found myself in the path of two cats racing back and forth between two open windows.  Its just not possible to sleep in all that commotion.  So I got up, fed them, and sat down outside with a cup of tea to enjoy the first sounds of the morning. Its cool too, but a layer of moisture is on everything… a telling sign this time of the year…

Yesterday, I didn’t get much done, as I had 4 showings on my car. Wow!  And…. drumroll… a buyer for my car.  He came in $500 less then my asking price, which was Kelly’s Blue Book value.  Due to the fact he’s Canadian… he has extra steps to take to get this car across the border… so will have to wait out some border security issues and such, so it will be later this week before the money will be exchanged.  Funny thing, he is buying my car for his wife – she happens to be a fiber artist. We hit it off immediately, he knew then it was a lost cause. Laughing here.  Nice folks.

Today, once everyone else wakes up… I will get several much needed phone calls done.  But a little surprise was added to the must-do list.  I discovered one of my tires needs to be replaced.  There are no tire places in Haines.  I have to order one and have it sent to me. Not the best situation.  I will definitely be working on this today.  Its an odd cracking/imprint at the base of the tread going into the sidewall. Its shaped like a thumb.  Considering the miles I will be putting on this tire in a month, I have to address it now.

There’s always something… but thrilled to have a buyer for my car.. an unexpected plus in all this.

Ooh the sun is up over the mountain now. Things will heat up once again, hope not near as hot as yesterday.  Will close for now.

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