Moving tomorrow..making plans

I’ve had reservations for a couple of weeks to move into town to get cell as well as consistent internet for one week.  Tomorrow is the start of that week.  Phone calls will happen first – the most critical at this stage.

Truly need to get the final touches, the final plans in motion for September and October. When I head out of here on the 29th of August – I’ve got a short amount of time to drive 900 miles to my niece (just north of Seattle) and then head down to Oregon for the NWLDGTG on the 10th of September.  I had to decided between LaDeze or the NW GTG, as they overlap this time.  Last week, I notified Lorna that I would have to bypass the LaDeze this year.  The NW group were the first to welcome me into the LD fold – it will be great to see everyone once again. We are meeting just east of Eugene, OR this time.
I’ve been in touch with another gal, I first met last year at the LaDeze, and we are going to travel down to the Balloon Fiesta together.  Just settling on the route took us a few days. Laughing here. Now to figure out where do we want to visit – such as Crater Lake NP, the Bristle pine cone National Park, etc. All needs to be worked out before I head out, as I won’t have connections when I leave Haines until I get into WA and if reservations are required, that prompts other actions.  So got plenty to work on.
When all is said and done, I will return to Salmon Run Campground to all that beauty plus lousy internet and no cell until about the 20th of the month – then I’m not sure where I will hang my hat, but I suspect it will have a ocean view, or it may have a bear view, or it may have mountain view.  And I sure hope I’ve sold my car by then…

4 thoughts on “Moving tomorrow..making plans

  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm happy to see another creative person traveling in their Lazy Daze. I'm a painter full-timing in a Twin-King. Hope to be in the southwest by November. Will you be staying there for long? Good luck on meeting your goals and doing some weaving along the way.


  2. There are alot of creative folks traveling out on the road, but I have yet encountered another one like me. Laughing here. Your heading SW, I'm heading E. Go figure. I did the SW last winter and froze. Decided to travel east to find warmth. Ha! I will be back to AK next Summer most likely. I'm here now, until the end of August. Delighted to chat with you. What you describe Plein Air (is that correct?), is what my Mother use to do, but I never heard that term before.


  3. My former boss pilots a ballon at the ABQ Balloon Fiesta almost every year. I had intended to go this year. But instead, that week I'll be at a Lazy Daze Get-together campout in Chattanooga TN. Once I leave the east, I expect to spend this winter in the southwest, and next summer in the northwest. Hope we get to meet sometime. Maybe we'll cross paths along the way. BTW, plein air is French for in the open air, which describes the way one paints on location.


  4. My going East has been talked about for a few years, I got so many friends that I want to see, some places need to be seen one more time – then I will be back on the west coast and/or back in AK. There's NW group too, I'm heading there in September before heading on down to BF. They meet 3 times a year. And yes, plein air describes my Mom to a T. Her favorite places were in and around New Mexico, that is until she came to Alaska. Be safe out there and enjoy your travels.. I will continue following your blog too.


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