When sitting is too long…

Hey Lorna – I finally got around to posting your blog…  sorry for the delay. I thought I had done it, but apparently I forgot to hit ‘save’.  Amazing how that makes things work! Laughing here.

As for the title of the posting… I really spread out when I don’t move down the road. Next to impossible to get motivated to pick up after myself.  Sure its a small space, but who wants to do housekeeping? I don’t.  I do keep on top of the cat litter – heaven forbid if I forgot that for a day… phew!  But everything else just seems to rest in its favorite local.  So about every 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, I have to clean up, put things away for a run to town to dump my tanks.   I discovered last time, that I don’t have to secure things like I do to hit the road – which adds to the lack of motivation to keep a better handle on things.  With no one dropping by… it gets ridiculous.

So in my revamping/re-organizing my space, I’ve gotten a better handle on my stuff.  Just about the only thing that has to be put away is my computer stuff and any kitchen items. Which usually means my hot water pot, olive oil bottle (which I secure to the pipe that runs behind the sink).  I’m not so sure if I have a secure enough spot for my computer, but so far its riding on top of my wireless printer under the dinette table. But my trips right now are just dump runs. Will it be good enough to hit the road?  Do I dare leave it there… I’m still thinking about that one. In past, when on the road, I had stuck my computer back between a rear sofa and a bin.  If I had to brake fast, it slid out – which makes me an unhappy camper.  So I put a sheet of the rubberized stuff over the printer, with the computer on top and so far it has not budged. Time will tell on that.

Not much to write about today… last night, it appeared that I was the only one in camp. But this morning discovered it was quite full up above.  Saw a grizzly meander thru yesterday along the edge of the campground.  The eagles have been quite noisy the last several mornings, as they fight over salmon at the creek behind the campground.  There was an emergency closing of reds at Chilkoot river and Chilkoot Lake.  Normally, about 68,000 to 80,000 goes thru and only 3,898 had been thru. They won’t re-open until the numbers come up. Fascinating how they do the count…

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