Hip Hip Hooray!

I am so excited… my floor loom is in my rig and it will travel quite nicely in its location.  No room for a desk, but that’s ok.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see that the loom is level on across carpet and vinyl flooring. No tilt whatsoever.  The following are a few pictures:

Black and red Shadow weave kitchen towels

The black and red was striking on this towel.  The same colors are still on the loom, but I do not have those colors presently in my reach to weave with.  So plan to play with different colors to see different affects. Then I will take it off and put on an entirely different warp (which is the length-wise on fabric and what is on the loom. When I weave, I use a shuttle to weave from selvage to selvage and that is the weft.

Side view of Baby Wolf loom

Side view. To the left is the front of the loom and where I will sit to weave.  The beam on back is a sectional warping beam.

Back side of the loom

The top of the loom is what is called a “castle”. Not all looms have this feature. Its handy to have tho, as I can keep bobbin winders, sley hooks, tapestry needles, and such up there out of the way.

I am so jazzed to have this work. I could not picture it, but glad I stuck it out to decide once and for all when I had the loom inside the rig.  My friend Cheri has loaned me a couple of her shuttles, ball winder, bobbin winder to get me thru until I leave, but then I need to come up with them myself.

I have a ton of friends and family that have had no idea what I actually do. They have gotten different handwoven items, but to see how things are made – they were clueless. That will all change now.

So am wrapping up the last bit of revamping/re-organizing my rig.  My friends are having a garage sale on August 3rd – I’ve sure added a bunch of stuff to it.  I finished the outside storage bins today, and have almost completed the kitchen. Then I can weave!!!   I love it when I discover I have found homes for everything and still have room to spare… Altho I will try to refrain from filling the spaces with yarn… it sure is tempting. Laughing here.

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