Unexpected, but delighted

The last few days, as I put forth a huge effort to finish sorting, getting rid of unused or unnecessary contents in my rig a few miracles happened.

The first brought great laughter in memories. I found the lid to the Hot Chocolate container I had lost in April down in Arizona.  For those just starting to read this blog, I had discovered cookie dough in the process… and I decided to finish making them. As I was putting the flour away, the hot chocolate mix started falling. In my feeble attempt to stop it I lost both the flour and the chocolate and the contents ended up on my two cats. It was a rip roaring laughing at that moment in time, as one set of orange eyes and the other green staring up at me with spooked look then they ran. Oh no, they can’t run, but run they did. It took me weeks to quit sucking up chocolate.  But the lid to the hot chocolate disappeared.  So where was it?  In the cabinet where it had been originally located. Crazy!

The second miracle of the era… the lost/stolen iPhone, was not lost or stolen. It was hiding in the cabinet below my dinette seat (closest to the door).  It was deader than a door nail, but what an utter relief to have found it.  The process of getting another was stopped in its tracks, un-suspended this phone, updated passwords on this phone. Oh my… I can’t tell you how relieved I am…  Everything that can be put in place to secure is now quite active on this phone.  Amazing…

Now back to my rig.  The last couple of days, I have brought into my space units of my trade. Such as the bench to my floor loom, a rack that has multi-uses and my warping wheel (a method to measure said warp).  This had brought me to a halt last night, called my friend Cheri over to view.  Yes, I’m pretty sure I can get my loom in and be able to weave, but do I want to forsake the entire back part of my rig to weaving? The loom is coming in tomorrow and the truth shall become obvious in an instant.  I’m not at all sure about this now.  Cheri says I can, Melinda says – yes I can but do I want this. Answers tomorrow.  I have a little table loom that I could bring. Its has a 12″ weaving width, which would allow me to make scarves, mug rugs and/or finger towels – you know those little towels you found in your grandmothers stash of goods!   So decisions, decisions, decisions….

I’ve got two more days before rains move back in… we really need the rains, as its so smoky around here and its dry.  But will appreciate some down time too.  I’ve been so busy, its time for a break. As one of my RV friend mentioned, its 6 weeks before they head out and its 6 weeks before I head out. We shall meet in New Mexico…  as well as several others.

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