Photos from trip to Palmer

Blue Himalayan poppies

Blue Himalayan Poppies


Friends garden humor – note: bed, toilet, urinal, etc
Spot along road with the sign below

Heading back to Haines along road

Well, I got ferry reservations today.  Reservations from Haines to Prince Rupert on the 29th of August. With the cost of gas, its once again cheaper to take the ferry vs drive out.  Unexpected, but will take it as is.  So will miss the drive out… its such a beautiful trip down the Cassiar Highway, so it will have to wait until next trip up.

Also, I think I will pass on the laminate flooring. The more I think about it, laminate is not the best choice for now… perhaps down the road, but for now.. will put in carpet.  The big reason for the change is that looms “walk” when woven on, well… it will walk big time on laminate floor when driving down the road.  Far less so with carpeting.  There are pros and cons to both ways and the loom will still have to be secured when rig is moving, but it will be less of an issue with carpet. So will see if I can get this tended to before I leave.

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