Alive & well…busy

Greetings folks… I made it back to Haines sometime ago… whose keeping track? I still have lousy connections and I still cannot upload photos… but despite it all, I am one busy person.

Learned that my iPhone 5 was stolen, that Verizon said they have to change out the card to get that phone to ever be used again.  Interesting tidbit that doesn’t really help me in any way, but being in Alaska (no Verizon anything up here on phones) – this is a phone that can’t easily find a new home, as cords for recharging are not the same as the old and if they have a card to replace it – it has to come from another Verizon iPhone 5 – so why do they need my phone?  Nonetheless, its a lost cause and I’m moving on.  The $600 charge quoted to me previously is erroneous at best, as Verizon this time informs me that they highly recommend customers to use third parties to purchase there phones – such as Apple Store – vs them. Go figure.  And once I get a new phone, the previous account will be transferred over.   Time will tell when I can do this – hopefully before I head out in August/September.

Last Fall, I found a local nursery here in Haines that would winter over my two large Christmas Cactus plants. One of which, I had carried back on my lap from Adak (1994). They were huge and very healthy.  But this summer, I frequented that place weekly trying to get my plants back with zero results.  While I was at the police station inquiring on the iPhone, I asked if I had any recourse on this plant issue.  Lo and behold, they must have called the owner, as she met me outside of her business. Giving me every song and dance why of this mess.  Oh my God, she destroyed my beauties.  One had obviously been overwatered, perhaps over fertilized, as the water ran clear blood red.  The mother of all plant that I carried back from Adak had apparently been set in full sun and cooked to death.  There is just a few dangling leaves that might give me hope to redo this plant.  My cats had mowed this plant down years ago and I managed to salvage it then, but I don’t know on this.  This has really bummed me out.  It just sickened me to see my plants. I have photos, just can’t upload right now.

And let’s see… I am in a mad dash to unload my rig of stuff I do not need or use. In that process, I have re-organized cabinets, changed uses of certain cabinets in kitchen and wardrobe.  Still got to tackle office supplies – which really has to be thinned out. Then I will remove stuff to storage and attempt to find in storage the items I want/need – which I have not yet seen. Plus, I need to pick out some yarns, to get my loom warped and start weaving sooner than later.  Too busy for my own good… forgot that I need to tear out my carpet in the back, that will be done soon.

I need to make a trip to Juneau – Home Depot for laminate or engineered wood and underlayment, faucet replacement for bathroom. Then to SS office to figure out that process. A Costco trip maybe. Then back here.  Joan & I will install the laminate in my rig.  And hopefully… by then, I will be ready to move on.

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