Blowing away and photos

Yesterday, the Knik winds (southern summer winds in this area) were making a virtual dust storm in the high winds… I witnessed my first awning being destroyed. I have heard about this happening, but have never witnessed one in the full throes of havoc.  My neighbor had his awning out on his 5th wheel, had it staked at 3 points, with additional support added to the arms of the awning. I bet he thought it was secure and they were gone all day.  The winds kicked up by early afternoon and it was a full blown mess for hours.  The awning was making quite a racket, so I started watching it. The middle stake went first without much ado, but the stake by the door and slide, managed to work itself right out of the ground, banging against the slide as well as the door – continuously. Parts started breaking, hinges getting twisted and dropping and the awning itself was whipping in the winds. The last stake held fast, but it may have endured the worst of the damage as it did not fall.  When they got home, it took them hours to get a handle on it, but they managed to get it back in and secured in the closed setting.  They were talking about it to others in camp and I guess they have some physical damage to their rig that I can not see from my position, as well as damage (not surprising) to the awning itself.

And folks, I did not try to put this awning away by myself – it was way too big for me and I could not find anyone to come help me.  Helpless, but there was nothing I could do for that full length awning.

So my friends keep coming by…all kinds of friends… it is such a trip seeing everyone, getting caught up, hearing the news… its been awesome to be here.  Tomorrow morning, I have a hot date with some Adak friends, who were our neighbors when we use to live out on Adak (an Aleutian Island).  Can’t wait to see them. Still got more to see, such as Friday night, again on Saturday morning, then I will head into Anchorage to the FamCamp for Saturday night.  Sunday morning, I will pick up my friend Annita who is hitching a ride with me to Haines.  Just got a road report from my friend Cheri who just got home to Haines… smoke and heat and bugs were her challenges. Let’s hope the wind shifts and it cools down before Sunday & Monday.

These images are from my trip down to Sterling.  Remember, you can click on any image to see a larger view of said image.

3 Alpacas grooming the landscape

It was neat to awaken to a view of alpacas… one even drop by to visit Tucker one day and it spooked the alpaca and put Tucker in a hissy fit.  The alpacas have free range on my friends home. Normally, they are trimmed of all that fiber, but the fella who normally sheers for them had surgery.  Fortunate for the alpaca, the bugs can’t get to them like they are normally. You still see them scratching their legs from all the bites, but they are protected.

Purplewood and Maple wheel

Will, Monti’s husband, has stopped blacksmithing and has taken up woodturning.  This wheel was made for a Majacraft spinning wheel. Its not quite done at the moment, but it is gorgeous!

Side view of above wheel

This is a side view of the above wheel.  These wheels are quite heavy & solid, and how he determines the ratios, size, etc is pretty remarkable.  Apparently, their wheels split in our dry climate, so instead of ordering a new one from New Zealand, Will decided to make some.

A different wheel using same combo of wood

This is a different Majacraft wheel he has finished. Just beautiful.

Alpacas, raised beds of veggies

So for all my RVing friends who read this… the alpaca fleece is spun on the above wheels to make yarn, then woven into cloth or scarves, etc. The yarn can be knitted as well. Alpaca is one of the luxury fibers, very warm and an absolute joy to work with.

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