As life continues to evolve around here… since the last posting, I made it back to Palmer, from Sterling. Had an awesome trip back – very little traffic (an oddity!). Saw dall sheep, beluga whales, and eagles. I am bummed that I could not meet up with my long time friend Lois… it was my own fault on that one… even tho I did not know exact dates, I should have kept her informed of the changing plans. As it is, when I was free, she was in meetings. When I wasn’t free, she was. And I will miss her daughter’s bridal shower this week and her wedding in August. Dang. Next time, I will do better.. Sorry Lois…

Being back in Palmer is now a waiting game of sorts. My friend Cheri headed back to Haines yesterday  after we met up with a fellow weaving friend Judy.  It being summer means one thing in Alaska – busy, busy, busy and its downright difficult, if not impossible to reach one’s friends, so am pleased to have caught Judy.  I’ve talked to others – but many are out commercial fishing, on bike tours, camping, traveling, got visitors to just plain working their jobs.  And was delighted to connect with a long time friend Suzanne and we went for breakfast this morning. Wow! Her kids, whom I have not seen since the youngest was in grade school, the oldest works in LA as a deep sea diver, the youngest is working construction this summer and is heading for college in OH.  Fun, fun, fun to catch up with all of them. I was to meet up with another friend, Connie, this afternoon – but its too hot to move the rig to a sunny spot – they need shade, windows open with a breeze coming thru. I hate my a/c running on my rig.  So I will meet up with Connie in the morning.

So now I am waiting… another friend is hitching a ride to Haines with me, but she is not available until Sunday. I seriously do not mind this down time.  I have found a cheap park to be in. $15 with electricity, a dump station & water is available elsewhere in park. Its the Matanuska River Park, just outside of Palmer.  No reservations are taken, its on a first come basis.  The cats are loving the morning sun and the shade of the trees in the heat of the day.  I’m in the upper part of the park, the lower region are for tents or RV’s that are less than 30′. They have water only down there and I believe the price is $8.  Its just pretty like any back country road in good ole US of A, and next to a river…

A feature of the Matanuska River park is its location to the local airport/forestry headquarters.  It is literally in the flight path for the big choppers, and planes they use to fight forest fires. And boy has it been busy…  this afternoon, several of the planes touched the tops of trees – or were so close the trees bent in the action of flying by. Its hard to judge underneath these big old guys if they really did, but it sure was something to see.  I might try to get pictures tomorrow.

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