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I got moved to my new campground easy enough, had the pick of the dry camping sites, love being nestled in the woods.  I’m at Salmon Run RV Campground, dry camping, no wi-fi unless I head down to the office and its not very good when I do go.  Its a great place!  So enjoy the photos…

Looking directly across Lutak Inlet

New growth

Dogwood flowers, new ferns

My immediate next door neighbor

My backyard – one roaring creek

Looking out to Lutak Inlet

See the huge waterfall?

And the absolute pits of this beauty, I lost my Verizon iphone – the one that works best in Alaska, doesn’t/didn’t drop calls and was just the sweetest damn phone I have had in eons… and I could get phone calls at my rig at Salmon Run RV campground – AT&T phone says “No service”.   And Verizon still hasn’t opened up shop in Anchorage so I could transfer my cell number.  Just bummed by it all.  I don’t believe the phone was stolen, as I think I would have seen signs of usage.  Just bummed… If its in this rig, like the lost lid to the hot chocolate (I lost it in April) – heaven only knows if I will ever see it again. How does one lose things in small places???

This past week, got almost to the rear wall of my storage unit.  Recycled a ton of boxes and managed to pull together a large bag for donations for a thrift store in Palmer, including stuff I had in the rig.  Serious house cleaning.  In fact, did that too.  I found something that works better than a drop or two of Dawn detergent and water to do my floors.  Rather liking the results.  And cleaned out cabinets – think I had a fair amount of Quartzside dirt in my cabinets!  All done now.

The last two days were hell on the heat wave that slammed into Haines.  80’s is too hot for this area and it brought out the mosquitos, horse flies – biting horse flies no less, and Knats – miserable is the understatement of the week. I hate getting bit on the fingers…

So my friend Cheri and I left Haines on Monday morning.  She’s in her 27′ Coronado (Fleetwood, I think) that they just got. And me in my own rig.  We escaped early to beat the heat and get into the mountains.  Mountains were considerably cooler and we enjoyed the ride.  Stopped the first night at Kluane Lake area – Cottonwood Park in dry camping.  In Canada, its illegal to park along the road overnight, so we did the RV park, but way at the far end down on the beach.  Kluane Lake is HUGE, gets waves that crash upon the shore…  Then left this morning to deal with the frost heaves.  We were thinking they weren’t near as bad as it had been reported, until the area between customs.  One of the curves we went around – saw a out-of-control forest fires right in front of us.  The wind was in our favor, and learned the fire was a lightning fire which they were “watching”.  It was about 15 miles away from us.  Added an element of adrenalin to the frost heaves…  and the day got warmer as we came out of the mountains..

Tonight, we are in Tok, Alaska at the Sourdough RV Park. Have heard about there entertainment for years, but have never stopped. I didn’t do dinner (Reindeer Sausage Chili) as its too hot to eat – the air temps. But will do their breakfast in the morning.  Have no clue where we will be tomorrow, but we aren’t due in to Palmer until the 20th.

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  1. Hi Ed, yes I did it all within one hour of discovering it was gone. I even went to iCloud to lock it down, make a sound and try to track it. No where was it to be. Frustrating beyond belief, as I've never lost a phone. Verizon is telling me it would cost over $600 to get a new phone. Shocking considering a new one is far less. Perhaps I should have said it was stolen.. nonetheless, the phone was new in April and I will have to still pay as if I had it. I suspect the phone is dead now… it needed to be charged when I lost it. And yes… I sure hope I find it.


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