Breathe of fresh air…

As much as I enjoyed the Camp Host job and will look forward to doing it again elsewhere. The gal, that was my boss, taught me more than she realized and I will forever be thankful and appreciative of that learning experience. What a beautiful spot it was to work too. Unfortunately, she crossed the line in my eyes, I don’t really understand how it got to the final straw, but was shocked and dismayed by the reality of it and I chose to leave immediately vs trying to improve it. Actually, doubt seriously there would have been improvement… from listening to her customers who are return customers. Amazing what one learns when one is not looking.

About the same time the above happened, the Salmon Run Campground owners, who I had met back in April, made an offer that I really couldn’t pass up.  Salmon Run Campground is half way between the ferry terminal and Chilkoot Lake on the Lutak Inlet.  The new owners of said campground, arrived in Alaska one month before I had stopped in.  Its amazing what they have done in these last couple of months.  I am parked above the campground, dry camping.  I get sun all day, until late afternoon, have a magnificent view of the Lutak Inlet where whales are feasting, the eagles are soaring, and directly behind me is a roaring creek rushing down the mountain.  It is a fantastic place to spend the summer.

I have a ton of pictures – just can’t load them at the moment.

Well, am heading out on Monday, to take a leisurely drive up to Palmer. My friend Cheri is coming along in her rig.  Doubt you will hear from me until I get up there.  Yesterday, got the bulk of the heavy items out of my rig, minus what I’m getting rid of in Palmer.  Now to super clean the rig inside, as I want to re-evaluate what I taking with me, re-organize it to be better utilize the space.  So am busy getting ready to leave.  Will be seeing some old friends, do some shopping and then head back down here for the rest of summer.

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