Unexpected changes…

One thing I have marveled at this past year as a full-timer is that if you plan on something – it will fall apart – no matter how well you think you have covered everything. But if you don’t plan and just go with the flow amazing new avenues open before you with a whole new path to explore.  Such is the case once again for me.

As of this morning, I’m quitting my Camp Host job.  I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn about Camp Hosting, its been hard work mixed with tons of laughter and good times… but another opportunity came knocking at my door.  As I have learned this year, one does not diss an opportunity when presented.

So will scout this new opportunity out this week, leading up to leaving for Palmer.  I do know I will be dry camping – no electricity and I found a sunny location to park vs a shady one – to keep my solar pumping juice to the batteries. Pictures will be posted later. I’ve been told I won’t have internet or wi-fi, but really won’t know on the internet until I get there, especially since my Millenicom has been there for me in other remote places. But time will tell.  As I told many of my WWF (Words with Friends) folks, I will just have to go back into town to email or blog.

So will close for now, as I need to take a shower, empty my tanks, fill the water tank and get a few supplies before I head out.  Gotta love this life!!!

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