One week to go

Well… it seems that the time if flying… flying by too rapid.  In one week is my self-imposed deadline to delivered the required court ordered documents, books, photos, etc to my ex. I am still plowing thru the boxes, searching for everything he demanded in court.  I’m still missing a few things and it may very well be in the boxes that I can not physically get to on my own at this time. I wish I could say I had it all, but I don’t. Frustrating, but nonetheless I have done an amazing amount of work in my short time here this summer. And I’m ready to be done with this…  but I still have 2 big legal size boxes of files to get thru before this time next week.  I am so hoping what I’m looking for is in those 2 boxes.

While I’m delivering these boxes back to Palmer, my Camp Host job is being filled by a fella that lost out on a Camp Host job up on the Yukon River – his work place was flooded out, so they are closed for the summer. He is heading to another job in Skagway, but is going to be a relief person for me while I’m gone. So I don’t have to do a rush trip to Palmer and back. So now I’ve got some breathing room to go see my friends and I’m looking forward to a break.  This summer has been non-stop activity, non-stop work – but fun too.

So between now and next Friday… be a Camp Host and to master those two big boxes of files, empty my rig of the winter stuff (it will be a whole lot warmer up north),… do a partial gutting of the interior.  Other words, lighten the load so that the big heavy boxes of books, etc won’t hinder my climb up the mountain passes.

Before I drive out in August, I want to revamp the interior – altho I have not found one kitchen related box in my storage yet – to put what I want into the rig vs what was just there. And empty my car, clean it and put it on the market to sell.  Oh I almost forgot… my friend Joan has offered to help me lay laminate down in my rig, so my floor loom has a level surface. Thought at first it would be her husband doing it, but Joan is the one that does the finishing work. I am so excited she wants to do this and I will learn alot from her.  I had this tentatively scheduled at D&R Family RV in Glendale, AZ in mid-Sept – when its way too hot (triple digits temps) for me.  So I’ve already contacted D&R, as I still want him to add/upgrade the electrical outlets in the area where the loom is going, possibly upgrade the converter too. So he is fine with this and this part doesn’t need to be done right now anyhow.  I’m delighted to get the flooring done before I hit the road. And it will save me alot of money too.

Almost too busy for my own good…  but am looking forward to hitting the road once again, see long time friends, then get back to work.

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