Cat Host, ere Camp Host

Couldn’t resist posting a few more pictures…

Norm, at work

When the sun is out, this is where Norm is. How he fits in that space between window and dash is an unknown to me, as I can’t get my hand down there, just my mini-California Duster gets in that tight space. But this is his domain. Tucker comes along and Norm’s tail starts twitching big time, making enough racket that I look up to see what is going on.  Basically, Norm is saying get out!  Norm is a center of attraction from other folks in the park, especially the Germans… And due to him, folks now seek me out, which the sign above did not do before. Laughing here.

Grand Princess cruise ship

Apparently, Haines gets a second cruise ship in once in a blue moon. Not a set schedule for it, but close to once a month. This cruise ship came in on Tuesday and it was an awesome day having them in port. Tons of people walked to and fro all day.  Merchants were quite happy too. Just as they started backing out of the port, they blew there horns in a goodbye – saw many people at the rails waving, as there were people on the beach & in town waving. What a beautiful ship!!!  And huge… it had 8 floors above the deck where the rafts are and 3 below.  

Whereas the cruise ship that came in on Wednesday.. was almost ho-hum. Folks coming off the ship were not friendly and treated the locals like lo-life, did not buy anything, not food, nothing and from two I spoke to, would not spend any money on “this” where they spread there arms and waved about the town. That really surprised me, but the locals say its more common with these than the other cruise ships.  Why in the world would a visitor act like that…  And these folks stood in the middle of the road and yelled at you if you wanted to get past.  I actually had to get a group of people out of the middle of a road so a big boat could be moved past them.  I can see why its a struggle for town folks to welcome some of these cruise ships. These people were downright insulting to the human race, IMHO.
So folks… this morning… no cruise ship in port… finally got internet/wi-fi once again… and opened my shades, got dressed and as I was venturing over to check the showers, what unfolds before my eyes?  A pod of orcas are feasting just off shore.   I grabbed a cup of coffee, forgot entirely about checking the showers and sat down to enjoy the view…  I did not try to get a photo… I enjoy my job showing off the whales to our guests…  We had little flukes, big flukes and in-between flukes, but lots of flukes for about 2 hours this morning.  Gotta love this job!!!  Sweet.

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