Working stiff

Whoa! I had no idea so much time had passed since I last wrote.  Learning the ropes has kept me so busy that I haven’t had much time to post.  I have pictures too, but am clueless where I posted them. So will try to find them or take more by the time I write again.

I still keep my Thursday morning Mocha break with Cheri & Joan.  They are showing me things they have woven… and knitted or felted.  Its fun to meet up with them, then I do errands, pick up mail.  But have had very little time to devote to scanning and sorting thru all the paper & books.  Will get to it this coming week. Up and until now, I’ve been getting re-acquainted to working, learning all that I can to help ease the chores and preparing for this weekend – the Brew Fest. Live music all over town too.

Leading up to this weekend, a few major events that put a serious crimp in the preps for this weekend – the weekend of the Brew Fest.  First, a customer decided to park without us guiding them in and literally took out two entire parking places electric systems, a wooden beam that held water line, etc. He said he was trying to get up on levelers (the Lynx kind) and just doesn’t understand how he could do that. But the evidence was speaking so loudly – he spun out and slammed into the beam holding all the hookups. The grass is singed where he spun out.  We suspect he did not know he was so close to the beam and when he couldn’t move he spun out trying to get up on the levelers.  Funny, his wife was standing outside and saw NOTHING.  He had zero damage to his rig, but suspect the bike rack saved his van camper. Go figure!  But the first estimate for repairs was over $2000.00 (beam, water line, electrical box) and after an electrician really studied it, found extensive damage over and above the box (which had breakers in it) and the cost of repairs is reaching $5000.  This happened on Wednesday, Brew Fest starts on Friday, we are booked solid.

Then the day after, one of the RVers from the lower 48 was in a wild out-of-control negative event over odd things – such as when we had to turn off the electricity when they inspected the destroyed electrical box. In his minds eye – we did a royal injustice to him. Or when we asked him to use his own cable cord vs the neighboring cable, as his new neighbor wanted it.  The big clincher that sunk him to a low, low spot was when he hooked up to our water and ruptured the hose. (we have 100 psi and warn everyone about hooking up), but some (like him) don’t believe us. It got so bad that the owners went & talked with him.  He should be glad he didn’t rupture his water pump or even his plumbing.  It was quite the site of his hose tho, I didn’t realize they could get that big.

Its been difficult getting things done… but we mastered it and the gang that has poured in for this weekend have been awesome to get to know.  I’d say 98% of our customers this weekend are from Canada and the majority of them are from Whitehorse.  All ages too. Most are repeat customers and they booked this park well in advance.  Several RV’s and tenters who did not book reservations have found themselves totally without a place to park here in Haines. They come begging for a place to hang for a night.  Its a hard lesson to learn for them – make reservations folks when you are going to an event that is popular. It will be sold-out on all fronts.

Also this weekend – Salmon Derby starts… so lots going on. I will track down pictures and try to write more often.  That’s it for now…

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