Orientation is over, I guess… it official, I’m the Camp Host for the Oceanside RV Park for the summer. Its no longer just clean the shower and bathroom, floors, etc, altho its still part of my job. I am parking people – didn’t realize this could be complicated on getting folks to react appropriately to one’s hand signals. A few hilarious moments so far.  I’m taking reservations, figuring out the different size rigs to be parked where – now that is a learning curve. And as of tonight, I’m taking money, learning how to do the credit card machine as well as the register.  There will be more aspects as I get comfortable with all this, but tonight I was left alone as my bosses went to a meeting in town and I gained my own set of keys.  Gee, I’m official!

A few days ago… as I went to open the shades to let the morning sun pour in, I just about freaked out as a huge cruise ship was directly in front of me, so close to the harbor and at low tide no less. It was panic at first, as I thought the ship was in trouble, but I did not realize Haines was one of the deep water ports until that moment, or that it was that deep so close to shore. Wow!  And this ship has never been in the port at Haines and this ship was totally unexpected in Haines that day. It took them nearly an hour to move into the port with the winds we had that day, but they did it without a tug. Haines gets one cruise ship a week and their first one comes in next Wednesday. So why was this ship in?  They couldn’t get into dock in Skagway due to the head winds in the canal. So they came to Haines instead.

Statendam Cruise ship

The people poured off that ship like ants marching to war. Laughing here. Good grief it was fascinating to watch. All ages, all nationalities and all bundled in winter boots, parkas, fur hats – gads, you would think it was winter or something. If I had had time that day to sit on a park bench near the wharf, I would have sat there and watched. Alas, I’m a working stiff these days.  But I got to meet several people from the ship and it was a delight to chat with  these folks.  I met two Canadian couples – one from Edmonton and the other from Vancouver.  Another  couple from New Orleans, a lost fella from Montana, a lost gal from St. Louis and one couple from Japan who were delighted that I stopped and talked with them.  I would have loved to have met more of them, but there will be other ships coming in over the summer.

One negative when a cruise ship is in port – no internet, no wi-fi is available in town. Had to wait until they rounded the corner down the canal to regain a connection.

And my storage… I’ve made quite a dent on this job, but not sure if I have found all that I need. If its in the back of my car – then yippee! if its not, it will have to wait. I have this shelving that I wanted to set up to organize my stuff better (viewed below to right of suitcases).  Well… the idiots…ere the movers, did not pack the legs with the shelves and they are nowhere to be found.  I have found one busted plant stand, several smashed boxes that I still can’t reach due to what is on top of them and am clueless what they may contain. What is labeled on the boxes is not what it contains. It should be, but it appears many were unpacked and repacked with other stuff. Not good, as I made a point to label everything so this wouldn’t happen. And what the heck does T L O with a circle around it stand for?  They seem to be marked when fragile stuff is found, but not always.  I’ve found one box of clothes (winter), see another but can’t reach it.  Haven’t seen one box of kitchen stuff at all.  Hopefully, things will magically appear so I can reload my rig before I hit the road again.  But I can say, the loom below is now at my friends house.  After I make a trip to deliver the required stuff, the loom will get put into my rig. Yippee!!!

See my loom under the suitcases!!!

6 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Glad you have found a place to Camp Host. I would love to see the ships come in. Why did you say there is no wifi when ships come in? Too many people trying to access it? You get your fix up there and then head back. I could use some guidance from you lol


  2. Come on up Sara! 😉 The cruise ships have there own wi-fi, but each time they enter port, they use the local wi-fi – hence the slower than snail pace to no connection. Or that is how it was explained to me. I will be heading back in August – where will you be? Write me at my primary email and I will chat more about what's up.


  3. Two little owls
    That lucky Ozzie
    Tricky Lucy's out
    Timing lost ounces
    Twine list over
    They look obvious

    Karen being SILLY


  4. What fun you're going to have. Just think of all the interesting people you'll meet this summer. I can't believe, however, that you'll be doing that much work for no actual pay, and still have to pay for your parking space. It just doesn't seem equitable.


  5. Sharry… in a way I am getting paid $28/day plus free laundry ($3/load wash & $1.50/load dryer), free shower ($3.00 token). I'm learning a ton which will help me get a paying job down the road if I decide to do this again. Also, I'm not tied to a certain schedule. So I don't mind paying $12 to park to learn all this. Think of it as a great workshop – you pay to learn a new skill. That is what I am doing.


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