Highs and Lows

I’m not talking weather folks… Its been a roller coaster of a week tho.

I have been working hard on my storage unit. With the beautiful non-rainy days, I have utilized this on my task, as it has allowed me to pull things outside, rearrange, and on some boxes repack – which allows me to rid the storage of more boxes.  Its a monumental job but someone has to do it.  Yesterday, it was sheer excitement when I found my Baby Wolf, a floor loom – that will go into my rig. I can’t reach it yet, but I can see it. And right on top of that is my sewing machine.  This really jazzed the heck out me and as it turned out was the most positive thing to cling to yesterday.

You see, I have spent the better part of the week signing papers for selling our house in Palmer. Yippee! We have a buyer. Alas, it was no easy task from afar. I need to find printer to print so I can sign them to fax.  It was trying to print that was my downfall or so I thought.  I have a printer – but the cord is in storage somewhere. Could I find a printer anywhere in town?  Everyone was having a bad printer day. Then…. I found a printer – if I wanted to pay for it ($6 to print each page off of a memory stick – outrageous!!!).  Then to fax the data. Except I refuse to fax all 27 pages of documents. So I then scanned the data and tried to email it – too big of a file. Back to square one, but I finally got it done. And then yesterday, the buyers reneged on the contract.  Total bummer of a deal.

If I don’t find that cord for my wireless printer I will be ticked.  So may have to breakdown and buy a new one. Grrrrrr…

Also this week, I’m getting oriented to my new Camp Host job and my pay is a significant reduction of parking here – about $12/day vs summer rates of $40/day. Wow!  I have less then one week until the 1st of many summer events happens.. its already filling up, but I guess there is a big bike race happening – which will bring in tenters as well as more rigs.    So I have learned how they do reservations, learning how to park another RV, costs, cleaning shower and bathroom (only one of each), rules, ferry schedules (brings all kinds of business).  Etc. etc. etc.

Its going to be one busy, busy summer.  But am enjoying myself immensely – have been watching Blue Herons, hundreds of Scoters, eagles and of course ravens of the feather line of activity. The herring is in, which has brought whales in… sea lions are here as well.  Its a delight to be here.

Must quit – am meeting friends at Mountain Market for a mocha and chat.  Outstanding store here in Haines. All the seasonal restaurants are now open and boom we have gone from Winter to Summer in a blink of the eye. No Spring this year.

7 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Hi, Melinda, just found your blog. Glad you're home ok. Where is your camp host job? Sounds interesting. I sympathize about your storage clean out. Im doing the same type of thing at my house. Hard to stay motivated!Are you planning to head back south in the fall?


  2. I'm going to be the Camp Host at the only RV park in AK that is open year around. 😉 Well.. it was the only one open when I got here in April. The Camp Host job is here, at Oceanside RV Park in Haines, AK. And yes, I will be heading South in Fall. Welcome to my blog.


  3. Kel – will you cook for me too… when out on the road? Just viewed your profile and to discover a fellow Lazy Daze person with pending blog called Wanderlust – and others. When it gets going, I will post your link on my page and if you want some motivation – send me an email… I can get you motivated to get that house done and get out on the road. How about for starters – sign up for the Balloon Fiesta and meet me and rest of the gang in Albuquerque this year. Awesome! wovenjourney at gmail dot com will do the initial contact, then will give you my primary account. How exciting for you to get out on the road. Its been an amazing journey


  4. You go girl! Don't let that printer kick your back side. 😉 Sounds like a busy and fun summer for you. We're also camp hosting in Northern Montana & loving the “perks”. Love your blog. Keep on writin'! 😉


  5. Thanks BLT – I bet camp hosting in Northern Montana would be a fun job too. Plan to keep on writing, but found I've slowed down a bit with this job. 😉 Do you have a blog?


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