Storm gone?

Its been quite the ride, in fact downright weary of the gale force winds. The winds were clocked at a steady 47 mph with gusts higher yesterday. Sometimes I could have sworn my rig was going to fly. Fortunately for us, it just rocked the heck out of us. This morning… quiet as a mouse. Is it over… no more snow, no more rain, no more wind for the day?  Oh I hope so…

The following picture, taken this morning, also shows the small boat harbor that was invisible from this RV park at low tide. The tide is still coming in.  Differences in tides here are large.

Fast Ferry at Haines port

Couple of days ago, tired of this wind, needing water as this park still has broken water pipes, went looking for a better place to hang for the summer. Cheaper too, if I could find it.  RV parks in this area are outrageously expensive.  Some have beautiful views, but as I discovered on one, out past the ferry terminal, they are charging $35/day for electricity (no sewer and no water). They have dry camping (when the snow clears) for $15/day – gads that is high!  Oh I wish I could hibernate out at Chilkat Lake State Park, alas the trees prevent my solar from doing its job. Its $10/night. Its down where the bears hang, great fishing too… Darn…  My present park is on winter rates at $150/week with 7th day free, but will go up next week to $40/day & 1 free day per week.

So… I just need to knuckle down, get my scanning done and go back to boon docking and quit wasting time trying to find something cheaper when there’s nothing.  You might be curious what I’m scanning. Last summer, I made a major dent in my going paperless of all my files, journals, books, etc on genealogy and fiber arts. It was scanned last year, when I came across it. Now I have to focus on just one aspect of genealogy, but I have to find it in my storage. Heaven only knows where it is.  I sure hope my wrists hold up, as I had visions of tending to all this when I could move into my apartment and had time to do it properly. Oh no, time restraints put a damper on that thought process.

So life goes on…  And I’ve started the process of unloading the interior of my rig of stuff I haven’t used. Lots of stuff was in here from the maiden voyage and I just don’t use it, its just taking up valuable space. Even the cats are liking the extra space.  Haines has a Community board to sell things.  When I get a few more items gathered to sell, I will post them.  The exterior bins were semi done at Quartzside, but will continue to change out this over the summer.  Lots of things to do, but excited to get this tended to and get the things I want/need back into the rig.

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