Anniversary of sorts! Winter!

I do believe someone with more influence than I, needs to speak to Mother Nature. This winter hanging on isn’t even nice to the birds.

Since I arrived in Haines on the 25th of April, it has been clear, only for a few hours one morning (see photos below). The rest of the time – snow, rain, gale force winds, snow, rain, winds and did I say snow?  Crazy weather even for Alaska standards.  The cold here is the wet cold caliper, unlike my former home in Palmer, the cold works right into your bones.  Even tho my winter clothes are in storage, dressing in layers has allowed me to be relative comfortable, except for yesterday, when I had zero electricity… and I was out in the weather too.   But my cats are having trouble finding warmth.  So today, I stayed home for my boys. Nasty day of weather, a hot chocolate kind of day and if I had something to add to it, I would have, but alas it was the chocolate that held me over.

My rig, my car in snowy Haines

The above image, should have been repeated later, as you can tell, the sun came out on the following pictures.

Looking East at Santa Mountain

Looking South, straight ahead from rig

Boat harbor to right, but not visible from here at low tide!

Looking northwest

So today is an anniversary for me.  It was on this day, May 1, 2012, that I moved into my Lazy Daze RV full-time (still had tons of snow on ground in Palmer too).  On that day, I drove it out of storage and into the rest of my life.  To look back is an amazing accomplishment to see how far I have come.  From not having a clue where the electrical outlet was outside the rig, totally clueless how to dump tanks, I means it was endless what I did not know – as I was not allowed to know any of this before, my duties pertained only to inside the rig and even that was rarely my doing. You might say I was a non-entity leading up to this.  Almost scary to think I took this bull by its horns and just went for it.  I was not afraid to ask questions, which probably helped me the most. Had a fair number of tumbles, mistakes and obstacles early on – but I learned to laugh about it and learned to just keep plodding forward.  Every day was a challenge and every week I could look back and go Wow! I guess I can do this. And so I moved along in my journey.

In a nutshell, I have the most amazing friends, they rescued me, found me a place to hole up until I could get my rig out of storage, encouraged me to keep trying, provided awesome support on every angle one could imagine and then let me fly. And fly I did. Thank you!

Then I drove out of Alaska (for the winter) into a world of unknowns,  didn’t look back, just kept moving forward however it would evolve – wow. That exceeded all expectations and then some. You know, the Lazy Daze family is/are one intelligent, creative, inspiring and supportive group. Have made lots of new friends thru them too. As they learned that I often laugh at myself, they started teasing the heck out of me. Laughter is a HUGE healing factor and I have laughed and laughed with my new knowledge in life. As I tripped thru newfangled info, trying to understand the workings of 12v, solar, water heaters, fuses, screws to use in RV, how to act on ideas, generators, etc, etc, etc.  It has been a nonstop education and in the process I am regaining my self-confidence, my self-respect and my self-esteem.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have come so far in my healing in this short of time.  Oh I still have issues that need to be tackled, but I have come a long way baby and I’m enjoying the ride!!!

So who knows what awaits me this coming year.  I know, if the apartment becomes available in Haines, I will pass on it for now. Never thought I’d say that, but I’m not ready to do it now.  I’ve got more traveling to do…  Guess you will just have follow along with this blog to see what develops. But I can tell you, I will spend most of my summer going thru storage.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary of sorts! Winter!

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, and on taking control of your life! Now, I just hope for all of our sakes that this god-forsaken winter ends soon. We just got another eight inches or so of wet sloppy snow in Valdez. Enough already!

    Sharry (your system won't let me log in and always calls me unknown)


  2. Thanks Sharry and yes, let's hope we are finally done with this winter. Forecast (if it holds!) is looking better and better this coming week, but today they said we'd have 10-15 mph winds, I could not stand up in the wind today… so who knows if they will get the warmer weather correct. I can dream tho.

    As for this darn blog and not letting my friends post or join is irritating the heck out of me. I need to do something, but haven't figured out what yet.


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