Hello from Canada!

Yesterday, was a good day to make haste north into Canada. Customs delayed me a bit, not sure why, but can tell they are digging for info.  The favorite item of interest this time was weaponry. Not fruit, not veggies, not even about my cats.  But he tried to trip me up about owning any guns, knifes, what-have-you’s – well, it didn’t work, cause I have nothing with me.  Then it went off on another subject of why I was traveling thru Canada, did I expect to pickup anything or anyone on my pass thru. All kinds of questions about that, then it was back to weapons and then asked if I had any liquor with me too.  So there was a long line at customs awaiting me to move on. I just kept answering the questions, can’t do anything else.

Once thru customs, I headed thru some beautiful wine country and tons of lakes. The water was so blue it makes the sky pale.  Traffic was surprisingly busy until I got thru Kamloops, then in a blink of an eye (ere, turned onto my road) I was alone out in this big world.  Didn’t see another vehicle until I got closer to Cache Creek.  I would have stopped in Cache Creek but like all the signs I have seen up to this point, provincial parks, private parks are closed until May 1st.  Ah yes, the magic date of the north country.  We always hope we can start doing things by then, but its no guarantee.

So I kept driving.  I found a place last night on the south end of Clinton – called Clinton Pines RV Park. They are open (sort of) year round.  They offered electricity, sewer but no water – free to me for the night. Wow! Very thankful to have found them and they have great wi-fi – for me to use free and be able to do this blurb on the blog. Can’t upload images, but that’s ok, I only have a few.

So I’m trying to heat up the rig, so I can get into the shower – its a bit nippy this morning. 26ºF outside. Then will dump my tanks even tho its only been a few days, as I suspect I won’t be able to dump until I get to Haines now.  Then I will be heading out again. Next stop will most likely be Prince George or a little westward from there.

Rain is due to start by this evening – no matter where I am on this trip. So expect my miles/day will diminish somewhat.

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