As usual, plans changed

I’m not heading to Canada tomorrow morning…. but I’m not so sure its to my advantage or not. I paid for another day, so can’t back out now, but this weather is playing havoc with my plans.

I awoke to snow this morning. It melted here, but kept snowing in the surrounding mountains all day. Checking the webcams on my route, north into Canada, were equally lousy.  So waiting one more day – hoping for warmer weather may simply be a waste.  Now they are saying by the end of the week for warmer weather. I can’t wait until the end of the week…

So.. I spent a better part of today (between laundry, defrosting freezer, cleaning) studying maps, webcams, talking with my neighbors here and well I will just have to hope by the time I get to a particular stretch of road – it will be melted, if not dry.  Right now – if looking at a map of the road between Prince Rupert and Prince George – there’s a hump. Its that hump (where I normally pick up Hwy 37 when I drive home) that has all the snow pack, slippery road conditions and it was snowing today again in that section.  There is no way around it.  Pretty much leading to that hump from Prince George – still tons of snow on ground, but the road appear to be clear. After the hump, snow disappears entirely along side of road. So with everything else… I will take it one step at a time.

So my route north, for those interested… I’m taking what is considered the Central Access out of Oroville, Washington on Hwy 97.  I will follow Hwy 97 till I get to Kamloops, then I take Hwy 1/97 to Cache Creek, then Hwy 97 to Prince George. In Prince George, I pick up Hwy 16 straight to Prince Rupert.    My friend Lois suggested that I take Hwy 97c over to Hwy 5, then hop on Hwy 8 to Cache Creek – I would have, but both of those highways are snow packed, landslide on one of them and well they are not suggested until the snow is gone as they are prone to avalanches.  It would have cut off a fair amount of road time, but it is what it is.  Will hit those two roads when I come back out in the Fall.

Tomorrow, the day will not be wasted. I plan to top off my propane, dump tanks, refill water, go buy groceries, then come back to the park to process off this.  Not in any particular order either.  I always un-package everything I buy at the store and re-package it so it fits into my rig. They over package everything these days and I don’t need the excess, plus I can do the trash here.

Then Tuesday, I will head across the border and enjoy seeing more Spring when I can find it. I have experienced Spring since February (starting in Texas).  Quite the year to experience Spring.  Its barely started here in Oroville, but it has started. Here’s hoping it follows me north. Laughing here.

3 thoughts on “As usual, plans changed

  1. Sharry, I can't duplicate your problem so don't know how to fix it. Its beginning to look like only those with blogs within google can gain access and no one else, but I'm not sure. Bizarre. You have posted before, did you have the same problem then? Can you “Follow” my blog? Think its time for tech support on this issue, soon.

    As for the drive – yes, I will try my level best to be careful. Thanks for caring!


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