Weather delays

Yesterday (Sunday), I left Mesquite, NV about 6:45 in morning.  No wind, but high wind warning was in affect for this area by afternoon.  Funny thing, the weather was going to be an issue no matter what I did or where I landed, but as I said in the last post – this was going to be my best day to put miles behind me. So I did.

I have no photos to show on this particular day of travel, but must say the trip north thru Utah was exceptionally beautiful.  For one, the desert was green, with wildflowers galore. The mountains in Utah still had snow on them. The colors on the canyon walls with the first light of the day were a stunning deep orange purple with a varied texture.  And the Virgin River Gorge – oh my I just wanted to take it slow to see all the formations, colors, textures, etc. but the traffic was interrupting the show. So I kept going. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the colors changed, evolved and basically kept the long trip north enchanting and by no means boring.

Started getting clouds about Beaver area of Utah. First wispy clouds, then the wind clouds formed – can’t think how to spell that word (len-ni-cul-lar?), then the wind cloud started stacking. I knew then the weather report wasn’t far off on the reports.  Nonetheless, the winds had not been an issue to me, so I kept going.

I should mention – from Mesquite, NV to Salt City City, UT is about a 367 mile trip – far longer than I normally travel in my RV on any given day. Normal for me is 200-250 miles per day.  Well yesterday, my mind’s eye was thinking I do NOT want to drive thru Salt Lake City on a week day in good weather, I most definitely do not want to do it in nasty weather. So I pushed thru it and onward. I finally stopped at Brigham City, UT – wow!  The trip thru Salt Lake City was busy, but not at all as bad as I remembered. But am delighted to have pushed thru, I really am, but it was a total of 401 road miles in one day.  To say the least… my bed lured me in early.

As it is… there are winter storm warnings, high wind warnings are out all over the place.  I talked with a couple of different RVers this morning who were leaving to beat the warnings… they think they will get out of this region before it hits, or they will stop early.  I’m sticking.  Must admit, I was tempted to leave today to do the same thing, but that would be foolish considering what I did yesterday. We need a break and we are taking it.  The High Wind warning has been issued for 3 pm today extending to 9pm on Tuesday – which makes me think I may have to extend my stay here by one more day – to leave Wednesday.  Its rather difficult to out run wind… and its already windy now.  I just extended my stay, so will leave Wednesday morning.

So if it snows on me as they predict – I will get a picture of my rig in the snow. Otherwise, I am hunkering down with my boys. I have pulled out my Reflectix for the windows, cut off the cab from the rig with my blanket, and will be trying out my new catalytic heater. The temperature is a balmy 45ºF – quite the change from my last 2 1/2 weeks of 90º+ temperatures.

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