Heat be gone…

And with a mighty wish, I believe today is the last day of the approaching summer heat we will experience until next Fall. You see,  less than 200 miles up the road, the day time highs are in the 50’s. We just need to get thru the rest of this day.  Its 88º too warm here.

This morning, I left as the sun was barely over the horizon… and had a nice trek north.  I reached Las Vegas late morning and decided not to stop.  I kept going until Mesquite, NV, on the border of Utah.  I was just going to get gas and move on down the road further, but the heat slammed into me and I knew I would go no further today.  So stopped just after Noon, had lunch and promptly fell asleep. Dang… Did not plan that very well. Laughing here.

So in reading the routes, weather maps, etc. tomorrow is my best day to get more miles under my wheels.  A cold front is dropping in out of the Gulf of Alaska – rain, thunderstorms, snow in higher elevations will be the norm over the next 2-3 days.  I will push to get past Salt Lake City, then I may find a place to stop for 2 nights.

For now… the cats are stretched out trying to find a way to be cool, the wind has picked up, which is helping stir the heat a bit and I will hit the sack early for a early rising in the morning.

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