Heading home

Well, our time in Tucson was cut short, we left today vs Sunday, as my friend Cheri needs to make her way home – cutting her vacation by 1/2. So glad I had her for the time we did, but we said our goodbyes until I get back to Alaska.

On our trip north on I-10 out of Tucson, another Lazy Daze slipped on past me. I believe I know who it was, I’m thinking it was Chris, who I met at Quartzside in January, but not sure as I saw only the hand waving.  We were pretty much traveling together until just south of Phoenix, when I turned off toward Mesa.  So safe travels to the brown & white rig towing a jeep.

Speaking of meeting another Lazy Daze, at the FamCamp in Tucson was another gal traveling alone full-time, just like me in her Gray Lazy Daze.  Totally cool!!!  We spent most of yesterday getting to know each other. What fun!  She is heading East and I’m heading North – but I’m sure we will meet up again – won’t we Sheila? Laughing here. Delightful time!

So today, after dropping off Cheri, my sole intent was to get the heck out and away from Phoenix and I succeeded – I’m at Congress for the night, boon docking free at the Escapees RV Park. Its easily 15ºF cooler here then it was in either Tucson or Phoenix – thank heavens for small favors.

Tomorrow, at first light, I’m heading north – I intend to put some miles under my wheels for the next 2-3 days. Tomorrow, I will or should finish out the day in North Las Vegas at Nellis AFB Fam Camp (as there is no other safe harbor in that town for me & my RV (in my humble opinion!). Then I hope to reach Salt Lake City’s southern edges then stop – as I want a good night’s rest before I plow thru SLC.  There is a remote chance (as its quite the stretch from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City) that I would push thru and stop on the north side of SLC.  Who knows at this writing, but its a weekend – so traffic should not be near as difficult as it would be on a week day.

Since my trek north started sooner – I’m going to take advantage of it.  We (Cheri & I) figured I would have to drive at a minimum 147.6 miles per day (as a bird flies) to get to my destination by April 22nd. I do not want to be traveling every day.  So I plan to make time up on the interstates, so when I’m off the interstate I can enjoy the ride and not feel rushed.  I’m not a fan of driving interstates by any means, but this will ease the “rush” of the approaching deadline. What deadline you ask? I have reservations to pick up the ferry in Prince Rupert, Canada on the 23rd.

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