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Arrived in Tucson a few days ago with my friend Cheri, who flew down from Alaska. She had made reservations for both of us to attend the Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog show here in Tucson, the RV parking for 7 days, the Ice Cream social and the Cowboy Dinner.  A week long dog event. Should be fun, altho I knew I would not go everyday, but Cheri would.

So when we got here, we both quickly learned part of the expenditures already paid was a waste and I told Cheri to ask for her money back.  The dog show is being held at the Doubletree/Hilton hotel here in Tucson next to Reid Park, where part of the dog show is being held.  The so called RV parking was non-existent. I believe she said she had paid something like $40-50/night – so we both assumed it was for full hookups, etc. NOT!  I was the only Class C, the rest were Class A’s – the RV “parking” was a regular car parking area. It was ridiculous.  We stayed one night and got the heck out of there.

Had tried to find another place near without much success, then I remembered we were close to the base. So we zipped over to the Air Force base, found FamCamp and took Cheri over to the Exchange to rent a car, so she could go to the dog show each day.  And I went back to the site and set up.  Oh my… what a view…  not one I would have expected, but neat in its own way.

Notice the fins in back of plant?

Such as in the image above.  I was taking the picture of the plant, but a distance behind this plant are hundreds of huge cargo and/or transport planes, lined up in triple rows – so it looks like a few sharks are out of the water. It was also taken out of my window at first light.

Different background of same plant above

Its not identifiable in this plant picture, but more of the fins are there in the distance – they seem to go on and on. But this is one gate, it closes at night, so it quiets down big time.  See the hill behind, this base is surrounded by these hills/mountains. The sky is seriously blue, not the smog-like stuff you see in Phoenix.

This base is HUGE and lucky for us has one of the nicest FamCamps around.  I’d say its equal to Nellis Air Force base on FamCamp’s.  Beautiful base and very clean.

Interesting coral/orange flowering plant
Tiglax, ere my home!

Today – FINALLY! – it was a beautiful 70º day, with a nice breeze. So when Cheri left for the dog show, I got out my handy bottle of “The Solution” and my two towels and went about washing & buffing my rig. I still need to get a ladder and climb up to get the brow and the upper part of the windows – I may do that this afternoon. But she’s looking pretty darn good, don’t you think? Laughing here.

Flowering cacti

It was neat to have this next to my rig.  Have seen them as I drive down the road, but not able to get close until now.

The other thing I have worked on today, but not near as successful as the washing… But my shower drain is S-L-O-W draining.  So out the mighty baking soda and vinegar. I had been just putting the soda down, then pouring the vinegar over it. It, of course, bubbled and fizzed out the hole like a wonderful volcano.  So I decided to cram a washcloth down the hole after adding the soda, then pouring vinegar over it. Well… it sorta of worked.  So I’m still working on that.  I may have to find one of the snares to get hair out of drains, but not sure where to find one or what they are called.  But I will master this… some how, some where and at some time…   Any tips, feel free to comment or send me an email. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Tucson & such

  1. Melinda, I love your blog. I'm glad you are making good progress. Thanks for letting me subscribe, I love hearing from you.
    OK, big question, what is the solution that you use to clean your coach?
    I have made it to Fort Bliss today. The weather has been SO windy, and the dust/sand is flying.
    It was really hard steering. I should have gone on, but 50 miles was plenty.


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