Hump day – not!

I was going to give you a hump report – ere mid-week report, alas its past mid-week already.  In fact, its Friday all ready. The week is done, and all is well. The photo below is at my Aunt’s inner courtyard. If it had been out of this area, the rabbits would have chewed them to the ground. She also had a coyote looking for those rabbits. Add in the quail – my cats were busy watching the activity while we were there in Sun City West parked in front of the house.

Snapdragons in Sun City West
I just settled in here in Mesa, hooked to beloved electricity, but not at all sure I will attempt to run the a/c again, but I might. I hate that noisy thing. I can’t hear myself talk on the phone, let alone hear it ring. Trying to use it mid-day is worthless cooling, one needs to start early in the day, but I’ve been on the move in the morning. Nonetheless, I had been boondocking at my Aunt’s house in these 90 plus temps. The reflective heat off the houses, driveways, and pavement was almost worst then the air temp, but the combo was highly uncomfortable except at night.

Today, I finished with the oil & filter change, fluids checked, etc at Sanderson Ford in Glendale. They are a great group. They cooled the interior of my rig down so my cats would not get hot. Now tell me how many places would do that extra step?  Not many, if any.

Prior to Sanderson, I was at D & R Family RV in Glendale – highly recommend this place.  I was there to have the catalytic heater installed and in my short time here met my neighbors for the night, met Ron and started a new educational streak, that is on Thursday, as he plugged my rig in under cover for the night and said “Good night, see you in the morning”, what a pleasant surprise.  The heater was installed first thing in the morning, then he asked if I had any questions on that or anything else. A loaded question! So first – discovered my water heater wasn’t suppose to be leaking when turned on – he fixed that.  He installed my LED motion sensor light too, installed my hooks to hold my hoses and such in the back.  And drumroll… he discovered in less then one minute why I’ve been having so much trouble with my freezer. It had not been adjusted.  The gasket has a magnetized strip in it, when not adjusted correctly, one can’t cool the freezer as there is no tight seal. So will defrost here, while its hot, then he said I won’t need to for quite some time. Yippee!!!

Then I learned about other things Ron works on.  First off, his speciality is solar and electrical.  But over the 30 years he has been doing work on RV’s, he pretty much does everything except the non-RV components – such as changing oil on generators, engine stuff, etc.  So learning what he does and then seeing the results of his work in the other two rigs that were getting work done & this company was a word of mouth to get here, my head started spinning with questions. So asked him for an estimate to have laminate flooring put in and asked his ideas on desk/combo studio.  He suggested I search what offers to get some ideas, but he said he could do that, the flooring plus add some electrical outlets for a very reasonable sum. Wow!  So will start saving my money for this.  I had been quoted far higher for just the floor, not anything else included. Hence the reason I was thinking I would tear all this up and do the flooring myself. I’m relieved to know there are still some quality work at a reasonable price out in this world.

Then I asked him about the solar.  I have been questioning fellow Lazy Dazers for months now, listening to the pros, cons, opinions, ideas, etc about their own solar. The LaDeze’s taught me the most on solar, etc. So I really didn’t have much issue with my solar, but the more I learn, I realized I have had some issues in the past, but I got by. Getting by shouldn’t be a factor, therefore it is the problem.  He quizzed me and I tripped thru the terminology as I do not know it just yet. But, he said, I don’t need higher wattage on my panels, and I really don’t need more panels or more batteries, but it might be desired down the road, but not now. What I should consider is upgrading the converter first, so when I do need to charge the batteries with say the generator on non-stop cloudy days, it wouldn’t take all day to charge them. It would allow better usage of my existing equipment. So something to think about, but I have my homework to do before he would touch my solar.  It was just nice talking to him about all this, it helped alot.

So my busy week is over now. Tomorrow will be a fun day, then Sunday, my friend arrives.

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