Busy week

As the start of one scheduled busy week, I thought I would write a brief blurb for this Monday morning – to give you a good laugh.

Yesterday, I finished cleaning my rig, putting things away, did dishes, washed rugs, etc for today’s move.  Last night, just about an hour before I would head to bed, I went to put a bowl away and discovered the makings of cookie dough I had totally forgotten. Finished making the dough and stuck it into the fridge. Cleaned up the few utensils and prepared to put away the flour, brown sugar, etc.  In the process of wiggling the flour back into the overhead bin, I apparently tapped the hot chocolate container off kilter and it went flying. Instinct was to stop it from falling and in the process I lost control of the flour.  I will let you think about the consequences of this for a moment….

Yes… the worst scenario unfolded before my eyes.  After few cuss words, I looked thru the haze of talcum-like powder fog and the cats frozen in spot, as both were covered in hot chocolate mix with a light coating of flour… I could not quit laughing… In a flash they dashed hither and yon… Nooooooo! Yet they were gone.  I grabbed a towel and found them to fluff them up and get the most of the stuff off of them before they started licking themselves.  Then went back to a major chore at hand.

The flour was a lost cause, but managed to salvage the hot chocolate mix, except…. drumroll… I can not find the lid to the container.  How does one lose anything in a RV, I don’t know. Last Fall, I lost a hair brush – took me weeks to find that. Now I’ve lost a lid???  Damn.  Even in this morning light I can not find the lid, but oh my goodness everything is still covered. At this point, I need to wet wipe all the surfaces.

On that note… have a great week.

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