Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning indeed.  I have been a morning person ever since I got off 12 hour night shifts and I use to love working nights, go figure. Nonetheless… mornings are… what… special, I guess, is a good descriptions.  My mornings are different yet alike.  I obviously get up and do the normal activities such as teeth, hair, potty and not in any particular order.  Thereafter tho…it changes.  Some days, I will enjoy a cup of Market Spice tea or another it will be hot water with lemon and honey, yet other days a tall glass of iced water does the trick. Before the act of making breakfast, as I do eat breakfast every day, is the time I absolutely love, cherish and absorb the energy of waking up.

In my former stick home up on Lazy Mountain, I spent many of mornings watching the critters wake up and do their morning routine – whether squirrels, birds, foxes, moose, etc. I would stand outside, breathing in the freshness of the air, loving the silence, the sun shining, observing everything and nothing and feel very connected to the earth I was standing on. Even if I could not stand outside, I could do the same at an East facing window – but I would miss the crisp morning air. It was so incredibly energizing. I use to call it my sanity break and I protected that spot in time…..oh how I thrived on that.

Now that I’m in a Lazy Daze RV, my beloved home on 4 wheels, the morning routine has changed only a tiny bit. I am outside even when inside… well sort of.  I still find myself stepping outside to listen, smell and delight in my surroundings. Its not the same as what I’ve had in Alaska, but it prompts new delights in being alive in ways I never expected.  What fun to discover these things in the first light of a day!

And so, this morning.. really no different than any other morning, yet its a new morning, its a new day and lets see how it rolls out.  Life is good when one takes time to smell the roses – I never really understood that until now.  So today, my day started at first light witnessing about a dozen or more hummingbirds  feast on a newly flowering bush behind my rig. What a great start for the day!

Then my eye caught the space where my floor loom will hopefully go. How do I utilize that space to the best of my advantage. I freely admit I’m lousy at figuring out how to get things to the end result, but I keep trying to get over that hump.  I can visualize the end result, but not necessarily the better option. It pays to see what others have done to their Lazy Daze rigs, plus get all the components together so others can give you a better idea too.  Small spaces is far superior to big spaces when it comes to utilizing that space. Now to figure out how to do it.

This morning, I realize, I need to take up the carpet and consider a new flooring. I need a level field in which to work. So what kind of flooring… I have seen folks put in laminate – its not as heavy as wood, but it has some heft to it. Then again so does vinyl. And… Losing the carpet is losing some insulation. Hmmm maybe I should just put in new carpet. So the next question – Melinda, can you pull up the old? My right knee and my left hand would scream bloody murder – but I got time, so why not try to get it started.  I don’t have to do it all in one setting. Lazy Daze factory has a tendency to put things into their rigs to stay. Like they won’t just screw in something, they also glue it. I learned this when I took out the sofa. I’m positive its no different with the carpet. Let’s just hope the glue is only at the edge.  Lots of things to consider and am always open to new ideas on how to do what I would like to do in this space.

So Good Morning Sunshine… another inspiring day to go forward.

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