Fiber dreaming day

Today, finished taking the last of the junk to the dumpster. I’ve been doing some deep cleaning, rearranging storage in and out, really deciding what I should keep and what’s just taking up space. Its a breathe of fresh air to get this done. And I’m made some space for my friend Cheri who is coming to AZ at the end of the month, she will travel with me for one week.

So this morning, was to be a visit with friends Jim & Lois from Seward, AK – who is visiting their son in the area. But Lois’ niece had an allergic reaction to too much sun yesterday and they are presently sitting in some Emergency room as the docs give her niece intravenous steroids. Doesn’t sound good so may not see them today after all or much later in the day. If later, they may arrive when I’m introducing spinning to a local gal.

My spinning wheel – a Majacraft Suzy Pro – my all time favorite wheel for several years, I’ve been trying, off and on, to sell it. Not too active at doing that even – but its just too big to travel with in the RV. It has occupied the passenger seat all these months, except when I’m spinning.  I don’t want to put it into storage and so it needs to find a new home – to someone that will cherish it as much as I and use it.  If I don’t sell it while I’m here, I will take it back to Alaska, as I know it will sell there.

Last Fall, while in Port Gamble, Washington, I was introduced to and had the chance to spin on the Hansen wheel. Oh it was a sheer delight to spin on it. I can visualize multi-hours spinning on that. This little electric spinner that would fit in a shoebox would be ideal to have in the RV. In addition, it has a 12 volt battery backup. But its expensive.  So… must sell one to get the other.

Onto weaving.  I have written to AVL Loom, the maker behind the Warping Wheel, if they would consider making a much smaller version of the warping wheel for folks in small spaces. Alas, I have not heard from them.  I have used my warping wheel for 10 years, can’t imagine going without it but may have to. I may forego a desk so I could get my warping wheel into my RV. Things to consider when I get back home. Or maybe I can find someone with more know how than I, to mount it minus the stand. Wish it could fold up, but one can’t have everything I guess… And for those that are clueless what a Warping Wheel is, its a tool to measuring the warp. Warp is the length-wise yarns that go onto the loom, whereas Weft is the yarn one weaves from selvage to selvage.  That’s it in a nutshell.

I’m still thinking of getting my Baby Wolf floor loom into my RV. The space is right for it and it being able to fold up for travel is an added plus.  Plus I have some good ideas to have yarn storage too.

Speaking of yarns…  One of my favorite yarn stores, just moved from Florida to Idaho. Its the Lunatic Fringe Yarn.  In fact, I may make a point to pass by there before I head into British Columbia. It would be sooooo easy to do. Laughing here.

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