I left the west side of Albuquerque this morning, I stayed the previous night due to winds. It was not windy at the FamCamp when I left Monday, but as soon as I got out on I-40 felt the wind, I said no, I’m not driving in this wind.  So made a stop at Camping World, by that time the rig was really rocking. So hightailed it across the highway to the Hi Desert RV Park, where I had stayed last October, but this time I had no hookups (by choice).  Got busy changing out the winter bedding to summer, did laundry, un-packaged purchased items, added a small table to the “bridge” and I think I have it now and crawled into bed at 8:30 pm.

Oh, before I left Albuquerque, I found a home for my bike.  Thru all my travels, I never had one iota of rust on the bike, but after Corpus Christi – the rust started with a bang – it would need major repair.  So my friends suggested a school where students learn how to take care of bikes, how to fix, change flats, etc. When they finish that – they get the bike.  So it was unexpected, but I feel the right thing to do. I’ve had that bike for many years, time to let someone else enjoy it.

Sometime during the night, the wind quit.  Got up before sunrise, but missed the sunrise as I was in the shower. Ate a quick bite of breakfast and hit the road.  Was going to stop the night at Holbrook or Winslow, but I wasn’t tired and it was still relatively early. Wrong move on my part.  I figured I could stay at my favorite place in Flagstaff and stop for the night.  Well, its not open until April.  In fact the only one that I could find that was open was a KOA. But the hour in which the office would re-open for the day was 3 pm.  I was not going to wait 2 1/2 hours for that.  So I headed on down the road, would have stopped at Cracker Barrel, but that place was super busy – not one parking space available. By this time, I was kicking myself for not stopping at the last rest area before Flagstaff, so got on I-17 South – aiming for the 1st rest area and/or casino I could find.  The first rest area was closed. I’m at the 2nd rest area, just south of Sedona’s exit, still haven’t seen a casino.  But unless told to move, I’m in the night. Its noisy, but who cares. I’m tired…

Can’t upload photos today. Tomorrow will arrive in Phoenix area…

2 thoughts on “Resting..

  1. Soooooooooooo, Melinda, I have styed at that Cracker Barrel several time and have usually been alone. Did you go around behind? There is also a WalMart just a block or so up the street. Raining here in Sacramento.


  2. Yes, I looked behind Cracker Barrel – the place was packed. They may have had a party or something. But I didn't find the Walmart and after circling too many times, I headed on out. The rest area turned out to be quiet for most of the night – I got lucky.


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