Not much to write about right now and no new photos either, so I thought I would share my agenda for this next month plus one week and one day.  Yes, I actually have a agenda that I need to adhere to get everything done and head back to Alaska…. if all goes well.  So let’s get started shall we…

I am leaving Albuquerque Monday – timeline to Phoenix area is not strict, but am going early to meet up with friends from Seward, Alaska. Otherwise, I would NOT be heading into the heat until the 25th. By the 25th of March will start a hectic week of picking up mail; getting cats into the vet for health certificates needed to cross Canadian border (their rabies is up-to-date); getting my catalytic heater installed (finally!!!); oil change on generator; the Ford part of my rig is getting serviced – oil & filter change, etc; hair cut for me; visit with Aunt for couple of days in the middle of all this; attempt to sell my spinning wheel; pick-up friend Cheri on 30th; head for Tucson to a dog show; back to Phoenix by April 7th to drop off Cheri; head north to WA to visit with niece for couple of days of down time. Whew!  Then I’m driving to Prince Rupert, Canada to pick up the ferry to Haines.  Will arrive in Haines on April 25th and after a mocha at my favorite coffee place, pickup my car, get groceries, will settle in at the beach for the summer.  I have the opportunity to work as the park host, but won’t make a decision until I get there. I have a very busy summer already planned out, but the option has been presented to me.

So the adventure gets a little crazy, but I am so looking forward to the trip back up. And of course, I will take pictures, share the experience and make you drool… 😉

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