Break time

Ok folks, I made it to New Mexico – the trip was beautiful, sunny and no wind until I descended out of  the mountains right before Albuquerque.  And I decided to check into Kirkland AFB FamCamp. My first time camping here and so far it looks like a good deal.  Today, my friend Karen & I, went to Commissary together and got that task done. She dropped me off with an invite to join them tomorrow night for dinner. Looking forward to seeing how the house has evolved since I was here in October. They had just bought this adobe home when I was here before.

Speaking of wind.  Another lesson learned by me, myself and I.  Remember in my last message I spoke of white knuckle driving and then I reorganized storage areas.  Wouldn’t think they’d be connected, but guess what, my moving the can cat food to the other side of the rig was the magic potion.  I seriously do not believe the cat food weighed that much, but that is the “heavy” item I moved from under the bridge.  Its now under my dinette seat.  Much better handling today.

Over the course of doing this blog, I have gotten off and on comments that they couldn’t post to a message or they couldn’t “follow” or anything but wanted to be kept up-to-date.  Within Blogger, I couldn’t find out why this was such an issue, so this afternoon I took my question to the internet.  You will now see at the upper right hand corner, a means for you to get my updates in your email.  Many have had issue with the RSS feed too, but I won’t delete that at this time.  This “Follow by Email” is new to me, so would appreciate those who try it to give me an update after you have used it for awhile. I am still unclear why folks can’t comment on messages, as I can’t duplicate the issue. So will continue to work on that. It might be interesting to see if you can’t comment within your email update and it be posted on the blog. I don’t have the answer to that yet.

So I will be here for a few days… hoping the temperatures cool off in AZ before I head out. That is probably dreaming tho.  Just going to have to face the music.

3 thoughts on “Break time

  1. I don't seem to have a problem posting. I have your blog in a list on my blog and when I see there is an update I just click on it from there. Putting in the number and letters don't seem to be a problem.


  2. Sara, that's one of the neat features of linking to others blogs – its instant updates. You and Cheri don't seem to have trouble posting, this is true, but why is there a problem in the first place. Is it because only those with Google blogs can do it and non-bloggers can't? I'm hoping someone that doesn't have a blog, can help me find a solution.


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